Shonnie: The Biker’s Wife

Shonnie: The Biker’s Wife

  In Nineteen-Eighty-Seven San Diego County there was only one Country & Western Bar/Dance Hall (that I knew of). I was sorely missing Texas and though I was never what one might call ‘A Hardcore Country Music Fan’, I was feeling nostalgic. So I bought me some Nocona’s (NO, I did not varnish them), a … Continue reading

Donald Trump (Ahem)

Donald Trump (Ahem)

The Greatest Reality Show On Earth I just might vote TRUMP. Why not? (And what’s wrong with Big Hair anyhow?! Even I, your humble servant, used to have Big Hair–Then I learned to read.) I mean, honestly, The Prez really don’t have power anymore, c’mon People! Sampson hair notwithstanding. Don’t believe me? Ask Obama. Or… Take … Continue reading

I’m The Reason God Made Oklahoma

When I was fourteen or fifteen and living in NE Texas, ‘Famine’ County to be more precise, I used to frequently cross the border. Not Mesico. No, Oklahoma. Yep. Go figger. You see, back-in-the-day (Early Seventies), the drinking age got lowered to 18, mainly because it just was not fitting for a boy to go … Continue reading



Swerved into this in my inbox few days ago…. “Dere Lance of Texas, I hav fond some wory in my brane last days. Woried you not hear anee more. No rightings on you blogg, texas tails. Hopink you not ded. If yu ar, pls let me kno, of not, plese igno an I will chek … Continue reading

The Basra Bugman Revisited.

Originally posted on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics:
I am re-posting this because I am still working on the Continuation of the ‘Sinai Field Mission Chronicles‘. (Great Excuse, eh?) Anyway, some of you ‘newbies’ may not have had the wonderful ‘opportunity’ to have swerved into it. Therefore it is with great humility that I present it…

Throw-Back: She’s Not Here

Originally posted on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics:
NAVY CLUB of the United State of America MILITARY EXCELLENCE Award “Presented to the graduating recruit who best exemplifies the qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty, military appearance and behavior, self-discipline and teamwork.” This was the highest honor any recruit could be awarded. I won that sucker in…

A Tuesday Throwback… or, if you will: “Why Ruby Did It?”*

*Of course if you want the answer to that burning behind the Grassy Knoll Question, you will have to listen to Lenny. (Listen below after you wade through some serious Lance Horseshit) Or, I suppose you could just ask Lance, as his erstwhile step-mom worked for Jack (Ruby) And if you, any of you, breath, … Continue reading

“And Now My Watch Has Ended.”

“And Now My Watch Has Ended.”

About an hour ago I ended ‘My Watch’ of all four seasons and all episodes of “Game of Thrones”—Took me all of three days to get through it, soup to nuts, but I really had nothing better to do anyhow. Certainly there are quite a lot of rabid fans out there belonging to “Game of … Continue reading

Tooth Update

(Yes, I know. All y’all been waiting with baited breath, no pun, for this post) The problem really isn’t the tooth per se. It’s the rebar that the dentist pounded into it some years back. The tooth even then was pretty much gone and I had not the time nor inclination (nor money) to have a … Continue reading

Y’all Wanna Know The Worst Tactile Sensation Ever?

  Of course you do. It is when you go to flush the toilet and that handle snarls back at you, rather limp-wrist’d, as if to say, “Not tonight Asshole. Go back to sleep.” (Now, in some truth, I could probably improve this post. For example: I should not have referenced ‘limp wrists”. In truth, … Continue reading

He Drinks Now Most Nights With the TV On

And all the house lights left up bright. Happy  New Year. “I’m gonna blow this damn candle out.” “Holidays are hard on some guys.” (I stole that line from a favorite movie of mine, loosely based on a wonderful play by some guy: “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” which I first saw in the Sinai, and … Continue reading

It’s Thursday SomeWhere

I love this post. (not sure why) ************* ‘Three-Nine-Six-One-Three Bruning Street Fremont California: 1966-1968’ Funny how I still remember the street address when I cannot remember my mother’s birthday, or what I had for Sunday Supper last week, or my second wife’s maiden name, or who won the World Series last year. All the houses … Continue reading

“Don’t Rain Rust on my Parade”*

“Petty Officer Marcom! Your fifty cals are rusty!” I must admit; yes, they were. I tried so hard to keep ahead of the rust, but here I found myself between the second half of a six-month, round-the-whurl-WestPac deployment, and somewhere just off the coast of Somalia. Yes, rust was my enemy, and never my friend—the machine … Continue reading

Bob Dylan & Me

Back in some day (mine) when I had been recently introduced to pot, I found me in my step-sister’s bedroom. A guy came in (yes, he was a ‘guy’–older–I was twelve), and he pointed to a poster on the wall of my step-sis. (The poster was of Bob Dylan). ‘the guy’ asked me, rather demanded … Continue reading

Life is Strange

Somewhere about five years ago, I was paid something in the region of $183,093 per year. Yep. To keep Y’all safe. Yep. To Keep Y’all safe. Now, I am paid somewhere south of ten dollars per hour, to keep y’all’s packages safe. The math don’t add up. But… actually. It does. Men (and wimmen) are … Continue reading

I write…

I write some really esoteric shit. Yep. Do. As any who follow… will have noticed… I do not have nor write/written much, of late. There is a reason for this (yes; trust me) The raison d’etre is, … I have nothing to say (that, of course, is a lie) but… I have, (really have) been … Continue reading