Real Good. Really Good. Really Good For Free

Been watchin’ this vid

over and over and over past few days.

Why? I suppose it’s because I have discovered the HBO gig: Treme.

New Orleans!

It’s mostly about music, street music and street musicians. And I love it. Highly reccomend it. Also recommend Spike Lee’s documentary on NOLA and Katrina: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts 

Joni’s performance of “For Free” has always moved me, but now it has more meaning and I finally ‘get it’.

Take a look.

–Lancers: A Real Good Blog (For Free)

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11 thoughts on “Real Good. Really Good. Really Good For Free

  1. If I believed in Angels Joni would be one.
    Since I don’t (believe), let us call her an artist of the highest.
    Thank you Teela for visiting and commenting.

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