California on my Mind But Texas Always in my Heart


Loved it. Hated it. Few decades ago I could truthfully say, “Hey! I’ve spent half my life in California.” (See This Or This)

Now I can say, “Hey! I’ve spent most of my life in Dangerous Desolate Places.” (Middle East &  East Texas) That worm did turn some. (Go Here or There)

As a Native Texan, I am supposed to always hate California and yes, Yes to all you Texans out there: I know this. I get it. Put the rope down.

Yet I more love than hate California.

In California I learned to appreciate music, art, science, literature, hippies, beaches and blondes. My first kiss was not in California, but I didn’t miss that milestone by much–In California.

In Texas I learned to appreciate drankin’ whiskey and beer , smokin’ dope, playin’ football, chasin’ cheerleaders, and Raisin’ Hell.

Arriving home to Texas late 1968 folks made fun of my ‘California Accent’ if there even is such a thing. (There were no Valley Girls in the Sixties as far as I know). My ‘accent’ was ‘just the way normal people talked’ as far as I was concerned. Texans sounded funny to me (Blasphemy!)

My Attitude Adjustment didn’t take long to take.

In California I was a Little League Baseball Star. In Texas no one gave two shits about baseball. I had to learn football. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, but I had all those baseball skills which were not worth a cup of spit in Texas.

I love Texas and don’t get me wrong. But once in a while, when I see a photo or a news bit showing San Francisco, or San Diego, or a beach, or a blonde… I hear this guy singing:

Sometimes I even hear this blonde singing:

And I tear up. (Just a little bit) but then I throw on some Bob Wills and Remember Who I am.

Bob Wills

And thus remembering, I go out and buy a case of Lone Star Long Necks and listen to this guy:

And I Thank The Spirit of Sam Houston I Am A Texan.

25 thoughts on “California on my Mind But Texas Always in my Heart

  1. Hi Marla,
    Sorry about the volume.
    Hope your ears are OK
    The instrument is the Appalachian dulcimer.
    Joni had to learn these types of instruments at a young age because of her polio.

    Thank you for your visit and for your comments.

  2. I love her, but that is NOT the song to have ear buds in for…. OUCH! What is that instrument she’s playing? I would think a slide guitar but it doesn’t look like one.

  3. Thank you Sandra. I would have replied sooner, but I have been in a bad place last 36 hours. Much better now and most important, writing again. Cheers! (Perhaps “Cheers” is a term I should shy away from for the time being. Naw! Just kidding.

  4. The best of both places! I really appreciate how you weave the perfect songs into your stories. Awesome taste in music!

  5. Reblogged this on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics and commented:

    Friends, Romans, Country-Men (and wimmens) lend me your beers! I re-post this not to honour Ceasar, but… never mind. I just want to make a point, or pint about Joni Mitchell:
    The point well taken: she is the best.

  6. I am a shameless, stellar thief when it comes to a great coin of phrase. It is nice to have your blessing.
    Thanks for commenting (and certainly thanks for reading)

  7. California does indeed have much to offer. Only been to Hawaii once and then only for twelve hours. Of course Texas is in my soul.
    “Persephone arrangement.” Love that. Might have to steal it.
    Thanks so much for the great comments.

  8. LOL! Transplanted to Cali and been to the East Coast. But, I love Cali. 8 hours down to the sea and sand. 2 down for some culture and Nob Hill dancing. 5 mins out for some great food at my brother’s. 2 winding hours up hills for snowboarding on a good snow day. One hour out for fishing, Delta sunsets, and barbeque. And one and a half hours out for expensive wines… Or ten minutes away for some locals… Yum! Wine tasting!!!! Cali has everything I like….
    But if I could choose where to live in the US, I’d opt for a Persephone arrangement. 6 months in Cali 6 months in Maui. 🙂

  9. My Texan accent comes and goes. After spending some years in Iraq and Afghanistan, it waned. Same thing happened during my five years in San Diego while in the Navy. The good news is that it is always there, just beneath the surface, clawing to get out.
    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    Hook ’em Horns!

  10. I teach chess in after school enrichment programs here in San Diego. Earlier this year in a new class, I was introducing myself when a young boy raised his hand. “Yes?” I asked as I pointed to him. “Are you from Texas?” he asked. “I am! How did you know?” “The accent” he said as he winked at me.

    After being born and raised in Texas, and spending my first 38 years there, I have spent the last 20 years here in San Diego. Am I destined to have a Texas accent for the rest of my life?

    Gig ’em, Aggies!

  11. Haha! Hell, even in Texas there are parts that are very clannish. A West Texan will look down on an East Texan more often than not. I won’t even begin to talk about the snooty factor in Dallas.

    I spent two wonderful weeks in Australia back in the Eighties. (Sydney and Cairns) Loved it. Y’all are very passionate about sport, much like Texans.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I sincerely appreciate the read and the comment.

  12. Love it – I remember moving from Brisbane (Qld) to Melbourne (Vic) when I was 18 for my first job. Basically the first question people asked was “so which team do you support” – some did ask your name first (but not many) when I said which code there was an audible chill in the air followed by a rush of condescension – Oh your from Qld. In Vic AFL is the only form of football that exists, I would say well you know I only really follow Rugby Union when I watch football at all – that worked for about a month (all the time being treated as the country cousin or Rube in the big city – idiots) and then it seemed they felt I had been there long enough to decide which team was for me. As I considered AFL akin to a game of aerial ping pong mixed with leap frog I thought I should move back to Qld before losing my frickin mind.

  13. San Francisco is one of the best cities of all. I do love it. But… I am Texan through and through to my core. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you come back soon and read more.

  14. Well….I’m from the Bay Area and have never left. Been to Texas and have cousins there but I can’t imagine loving anywhere else other than the Bay Area…especially Southern California…yuck! lol

  15. Since I am a Native Texan, there was no Transformin’ to do; just some CA deprogrammin’. Haha.
    Thanks for reading and thank you for the comments

  16. Very clever. Never noticed any funny accent coming from you, but then, you used to be kinda on the quiet side of verbose. California explains a lot. Congrats on your complete transformation into a Texan.

  17. If the wrong people read this post I might lose my Texas Citizenship. Well….let’s hope not.
    Thanks a bunch for readin’ and commentin’. I really do appreciate it and I am glad you liked the music.

  18. Heck yeah!!!
    It’s funny, how accents aren’t noticeable to us unless it’s not from here. I don’t think I have an accent but a friend from up north said I have a heavy accent.
    Great music choices.

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