I Jumped Off A Bridge Once. Someone Wrote A Song About It. I wasn’t impressed, Bein’ Dead an’ All

I love ‘Southern’

“Pass the biscuits please.”


Really love Southern.


Truly absolutely love Southern

Truly absolutey love Southern, and all them entrails… (That would be ‘boudin’, for those uninitiated out there)

I love Bobbie Gentry, arguably one of the best Southern Singer-Song-Writers to come down from the hollow.

Been wanting to write about her, but somewhat overawed and, quite frankly, struck. (and stuck)
“Loss for words,” would suffice.

Message in a bottle time:

Help me out here: what can be said (personal experience with the music here: Please no Wiki shit) about Bobbie Gentry?

I await

17 thoughts on “I Jumped Off A Bridge Once. Someone Wrote A Song About It. I wasn’t impressed, Bein’ Dead an’ All

  1. I love this song!! Ms. Gentry has an awesome voice & what a storyteller! I grew up listening to her 🙂 I think people still speculate about what happened – especially on that bridge . . .

  2. Even Yankee girls still speculate what got throw’d offa that bridge. Everyone loved Gentry. She was so beautiful. If you read my post today, you’ll fall in love with a modern singer just like Bobbie.
    You have an English GF and I have an English husband. He is closer to my father’s age than mine. We do not share cultural icons, not even musical ones. I never heard of Cliff Richards and he’s never heard of Janis Joplin or Brooks Benton.

    • Howdy and thanks a bunch for visiting my site. I have not heard of Richards either (until now). Definitely will be checking out your latest post.
      I know what got throw’d off’n that bridge, but I ain’t tellin’.
      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Lord have mercy, you done snatched me slam back to 1973, sittin’ at the Dixie Drive-in, eatin’ What-a-Burgers in my daddy’s powder blue ’67 Chevy. I remember the car-hop bringin’ me my Pepsi, served in a glass bottle; my daddy dropped a few peanuts in an’ I watched it fizz’n. Oooo’weee dem was some good fixin’s. “Ode to Billy Joe” uz playin’ on the radio. I knew ever word by heart and I’d sing loud as I could til he made me hush an eat. I’s 5 yers old.
    I don’t know a thing about Bobby Gentry, sorry. But that flashback was sweet.
    Thanks, I needed that.

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