I Jumped Off A Bridge Once. Someone Wrote A Song About It. I wasn’t impressed, Bein’ Dead an’ All

I love ‘Southern’

“Pass the biscuits please.”


Really love Southern.


Truly absolutely love Southern

Truly absolutey love Southern, and all them entrails… (That would be ‘boudin’, for those uninitiated out there)

I love Bobbie Gentry, arguably one of the best Southern Singer-Song-Writers to come down from the hollow.

Been wanting to write about her, but somewhat overawed and, quite frankly, struck. (and stuck)
“Loss for words,” would suffice.

Message in a bottle time:

Help me out here: what can be said (personal experience with the music here: Please no Wiki shit) about Bobbie Gentry?

I await

18 thoughts on “I Jumped Off A Bridge Once. Someone Wrote A Song About It. I wasn’t impressed, Bein’ Dead an’ All

  1. I love this song!! Ms. Gentry has an awesome voice & what a storyteller! I grew up listening to her 🙂 I think people still speculate about what happened – especially on that bridge . . .

  2. It (my post) was just a puff piece. (Just stalling between posts)
    Don’t dwell on it.
    Bobbie Gentry has done this for us already. Just continue with YOUR stuff; it is the best.
    Write your stuff Sil. Write your stuff; that is what we wanna read.

  3. I was just thinking about that song, one of my favorite songs. Makes me cry. I was thinking about writing something about it, but it makes me cry.

  4. Howdy and thanks a bunch for visiting my site. I have not heard of Richards either (until now). Definitely will be checking out your latest post.
    I know what got throw’d off’n that bridge, but I ain’t tellin’.
    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Even Yankee girls still speculate what got throw’d offa that bridge. Everyone loved Gentry. She was so beautiful. If you read my post today, you’ll fall in love with a modern singer just like Bobbie.
    You have an English GF and I have an English husband. He is closer to my father’s age than mine. We do not share cultural icons, not even musical ones. I never heard of Cliff Richards and he’s never heard of Janis Joplin or Brooks Benton.

  6. LOL
    That would be cool to see. I remember once I did that and my friends were wondering what I was doing. It is a Texas Thang!

  7. Thank you Neb.
    Today I am gonna get me a coke and some peanuts. Then I am gonna wait until I see my English GF and do the droppin’ peanuts in my coke thing. She will probably go bonkers.
    Will try to get a photo of the expression on her face.
    Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  8. Lord have mercy, you done snatched me slam back to 1973, sittin’ at the Dixie Drive-in, eatin’ What-a-Burgers in my daddy’s powder blue ’67 Chevy. I remember the car-hop bringin’ me my Pepsi, served in a glass bottle; my daddy dropped a few peanuts in an’ I watched it fizz’n. Oooo’weee dem was some good fixin’s. “Ode to Billy Joe” uz playin’ on the radio. I knew ever word by heart and I’d sing loud as I could til he made me hush an eat. I’s 5 yers old.
    I don’t know a thing about Bobby Gentry, sorry. But that flashback was sweet.
    Thanks, I needed that.

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