“An’ We Drank a lot of Whiskey”

I saw Willie live and in color, Commerce, ETSU Gym, Circa 1976.

David Allen Coe opened the show… for three hours.

Willie was late.


Didn’t Matter: I would have waited all night.

He opened (as always) with “Whiskey River”

The crowd went nuts and I spilled my Wild Turkey 101…

9 thoughts on ““An’ We Drank a lot of Whiskey”

  1. In one of his books Willie recounted a story of him smoking a joint with a Secret Service Agent on the roof of Jimmy Carter’s White House. I loved it. (Pretty sure Jimmy had already gone to bed)

  2. I do make it a point to stay outta Oklahoma (some trouble there in my past), but, I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t risk incarceration just to see Willie… live… jes one more time.
    (Thanks for reading)
    Your comment made me smile.

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