Texan Assholes

Or… to put it another way:

“I was sick a’you a long time before that. Ya keep no check on yer appetites… makes you not fit to live with.”

–Melvin Douglas to Paul Newman “Hud.”

 A few of my favorite Texan Movie Clips in Honour of Texas Independence Day.

(Not all are assholes)

Hope you like them.

Please tell me of your favorite Texan – Based Movie. I know I have missed many… Bonnie and Clyde? Others?

Outside the sun is up

And the wind

Blows me like a paper cup

Down the highway

–B.W. Stevenson, Texan

I know there are some poets out there. Run with this one.

15 thoughts on “Texan Assholes

  1. No gentle wind had carried
    My fateful eventful life
    On rolling tumbleweed
    I’ve ridden off
    Through Texan byways…

    …Sorry, you’ll have to go the next one… I have to go and grab weeds from the yard for salad.:-)

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    • Confession time: I have never seen “The Alamo” assuming you are speaking of the John Wayne version.

      Charlie Wilson? Yep. He was my congressman when I had my Tropical Fish store in Nacogdoches in the Eighties. We all loved Charlie. Tom Hanks did him well. I love that movie.

      Paris? I hate Paris (Texas) Love Paris France

      No Country for Old Men? Yes. Great movie. Scared the shit outta me.


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