Texas Inferiority (Betcha Never Heard That One)

Texas has (a little bit of) an inferiority complex

Here is why:


The Father of Texas

Texas really was never a part of the ‘Old Plantation’ South. We were, for the most part, dirt farmers, miscreants, outlaws, and such. Most of us did not own slaves. We just worked. We were poor. When secession issues came to town, we were too busy fightin’ Comanche’s to give a shit.

“Take yer sea-session somewhar else. We doan cotton to tha’.

But after the election of Lincoln we came around and our Johnny Rebs made us proud. Fought like Comanches, we did.

The very first acronym was GTT: Gone To Texas. (You can look it up) Translated into “This asshole has left his family, his debt, and his crimes. He has GTT. Good riddance.”

Sam Houston was governor of Tennessee. He went GTT. And thank God he did. Sam (The Raven) was adamant in his opposition to secession. He had a Cherokee wife…

I love Texas.

We are far from Perfect. (Well not that far)

And we know it.

That matters: the knowing of it.

But do not fuck with us.

You will regret that.

5 thoughts on “Texas Inferiority (Betcha Never Heard That One)

  1. Funny thing, we’re all hippies and vegetarians in Cali. And bleach blonde apparently, unless you’re from San Francisco. Then you must be LGBT, a Chinese American in Chinatown, and a computer nerd.

  2. In my opinion, We (Texas) have always been in awe of LA and NYC, (but we hate them).
    That said, we grew tired of the caricatures (‘Giant’, ‘Hud’, ‘Midnight Cowboy’) so we laugh it off and count our awl wells!
    Great feedback.
    Thank you! I will ponder your response and try to come up with something…back
    Your reading an visiting my blog is much appreciated RhB. Truly.

  3. I certainly don’t understand why Texas would have an inferiority complex. The whole world thinks all Americans wear cowboy hats and speak with a drawl. This is the image of true America as understood by the world. And to the outside world, Texas is America. Right smack dab in the middle between California and the east coast which apparently only consists of Washington DC and New York. Everything else is Texas. 🙂

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