How Did We Ever…

How did we ever become the Champion of the Free World?

The Bastion of Capitalism?

The Shining City on a Hill?

The Cradle of Modern Western Civilization?

Yeah Kids, Duck and Cover (and while you’re down there, kiss your ass goodbye.)

OK. I suppose it was ‘The Age of Innocence’ (Or maybe the ‘Age of Stupid People’)

I did those duck and cover drills just like everyone else.

12 thoughts on “How Did We Ever…

    • I think they were just designed to make us all feel better with a false sense of security. I suppose it worked. There was really no mass panic among the masses.


    • Teela, I am so glad you liked it. Once when I was working in Basra, I made up a ‘Movie Poster’ and sent it to all my co-workers. The flyer simply said: ‘I am buying the bar this evening. All you have to do is come and watch this movie.” I bought the bar and there was a great turnout. About three dozen of us watched this documentary. I had not a single complaint. Hell! Free booze! Who would complain? Anyway, I love this movie. If you have a chance, it is worth the watch. I believe you can download it now at Amazon. I also think you can see most, if not all of it on Youtube. Thank you for watching. Not everyone appreciates the sense of humor. I knew you would get it.


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