Something Wrong

There must be something inherently wrong.


Something inherently, just wrong, with a man who can love Joni Mitchell–Mitchell and LBJ all in the same virtual ‘sentence’

I have seen idiots from ‘Both Sides Now’ And… I have been the ‘Both Sides’ Idiot. Still am, I suppose.


Well, there you have it: My virtual dichotomy.

I love ‘em both.

Surely it is a Texan thang.

I surely do hope so.

For, if so, there is still hope for those of us who call ‘Texas’ our home.

We do ‘sailor on’…

There will be some commentary on “The Atomic Cafe” soon…


7 thoughts on “Something Wrong

  1. I just don’t know what to say here……three very different emotions elicited from one post makes me want to go out collect flowers, watch documentaries and break out my Apocalypse Now DVD all at the same time. Damn I love America!

    • Right on Teela! I do love America too. All the good all the bad all the ugly. Love it all.
      Thanks much for checking out this (kinda weird on my part) post.

      • You know it’s all my pleasure Lance. Paying you a visit makes me feel right at home. Pullin’ up chairs and shit.

  2. Sadly, I have to admit that before this blog I hadn’t heard of Joni Mitchell or LBJ (Do I get slapped with frozen lake trout now?)

    I DO, however love Creedence Clearwater Revival – and I also thought Forrest gump was a fantastic movie. 🙂


    • Fresh out of trout, so you’re safe. Hahaha. Joni Mitchell has a very large body of work. You should definitely check her out. LBJ had an amazing life in politics. There are some documentaries available on Youtube. Check him out. Thank you for reading and for the comments.
      Cheers Y’all

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