31 thoughts on “Okay: Last of The Lenny, Christ And Moses

  1. Right. Some of his stuff is so specific to the political moment he was in right then and there you do have to look it up. A few of Shakespeare’s history plays are like that. Everyone in his time knew exactly who everyone was in those plays but 400 years later, you gotta do a little research or you’re lost. No problem doing that. It’s how we learn.

  2. Here is a no shitter: I have listened to every thing published by him. And I have read all his books. There are just a few. Some probably out of print now.
    There is a pretty damn decent compilation: ‘Let The Buyer Beware.’


    of most of the recordings. Of course I purchased it, but I had all the original recordings on CD’s already.

    Most folks don’t get all of his humor–not their fault–you have to know some history and what was going on with the country at the time of his performances (understanding some Yiddish is also helpful). Sometimes when listening, I have to Google certain public figures he speaks about, but over all, I get most of it first round.
    Or at least when talking about Lenny, I pretend to.

  3. He was a genius and a pioneer. Without him, we’d never have had comedians like George Carlin and Richard Prior. Bruce created a style of comedy that’s affected every comedian since.

  4. Sorry I somehow missed this comment of yours.
    Thank you very much for listening. Lenny is by far, in my opinion the greatest comic of all time.

  5. Stymie. I meant Stymie. Not Lenny Bruce. The Little Rascals were years before Bruce’s time. I’m thinking of doing a modern version of them. “The Little Republican Rascals” I’m gonna call it. They’ll be 6 year old Southern Conservative gay-hating Christian kids who do battle week to week with 6 year old Mexican and Canadian kids trying to get into the country illegally for medicine of some sort. Gonna be a fuckin’ riot!

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