Breaking Bad News

I only have one question:

How come ev’er thang on CNN (or Fox, or MSNBC) is ‘Breaking News’?

Breaking Mews

Breaking Mews (Bring in the Cats)

I mean to say, that by its very definition, ‘News’ is new, ain’t it? That’s what makes it new ‘news’.

So, therefore, isn’t it all breaking? Or is it just breaking bad. Bad hype? The breaking news is not news to me. They have the same ‘breaking news’ going on for five hours. (I am specifically referring to this breaking news tragedy that we call the ‘Flight From Malaysia.”.

Where is the breaking news of all the victims?

If I see once more the projected flight path after the breaking news of the long prolonged flight path after the much delayed satellite pings…


I am stopping now.

End of rant.

I only hope for the best for the passengers on that flight, but I do fear the worst.

11 thoughts on “Breaking Bad News

  1. I have always been a ‘News Junkie’ I confess. Also confess that the ‘Info Babes’ are easy on the eyes. I watch for entertainment, not for news, and yes, I also get most of my Real News from BBC, and some online sites.

    Thanks very much for reading my rant and for your poignant comment.

  2. The ‘Breaking News’ stories reminds me of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. It’s hard to distinguish what is actual ‘Breaking News’ and what is part of a sad sorry sensationalised agenda. I only read BBC (England) and ABC (Australia) news for my world and local affairs. which have at least some journalistic credibility and neutral bias.

  3. Rant On Sister! Sunday is ‘Rant Day’.
    It’s good to rant. Cleanses the mental palate.

    Thanks for visitin’ and for mini-rantin’.

  4. The “news” is a such a joke! It’s mostly sensationalism but you already knew that. I just had to get a mini rant out. lol

  5. Most of the time I spent overseas (especially in the Middle East) I didn’t either, but I do find some humor now in the media.
    Thank you for the feedback. The best electronic media still for me anyhow, is to be found watching old movies or documentaries on YouTube.

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