Complex Folks

We are all of us, complicated, yet worthy people.

We have our own foibles, our own agendas.

We are worthy.

Honestly, I am fresh out (of agendas)

Yet here I am chastising you for having same.

Or none.

Worth is just a worthless word to me.

I know this now.

This post will self-destruct in ten minutes, as it is just a worthless rant.

And most sincerely, not worth a cup of spit.

Catch Y’all manana.

(That’s Spanish)

I think.

–Lance, Your Worthy Servant.

P.S. I think what my worthless diatribe was trying so eloquently to say… was that I love my fellow writer community. We all have worth. (Well except for that worthless schmuck who don’t like Lenny Bruce… and ya know I am even just kidding on that)


Not Really


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