Like or Have Not

Y’all know.

Y’all know, those of ya who ‘know’ me.

I live for your ‘likes’

I live for comments to continue whatever conversations…

But, of late, I have received some ‘instant likes’

From people I follow.

How does this happen?

I post something, and I get instant ‘like’

This is bullshit.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but, one should ponder:

I do not ‘like’ posts I have not read.

Please do not ‘like’ shit you have not read.

Just for the sake of ‘liking’

This does not impress me.

28 thoughts on “Like or Have Not

    • Hahaha! Me too Anna.
      But I am suspicious when I post a few paragraph post and immediately a ‘like’ pops up.
      I suspect robot aliens.
      Thanks for your likes. I do appreciate them.
      And I appreciate your feedback.

  1. Can’t speak for anyone else…. But you’re only getting a like from me if I read it AND actually liked it.

    Sometimes I don’t have time to comment, but always do If I have a free moment

    • I have no idea, but I just know that when I hit ‘publish’ and within a micro second I get a ‘like’….smells bullshit to me. Just saying,
      And of course, with comments, we know who is reading and who ain’t. Likes are dandy, but liquor is quicker: send booze.
      Love ya Mad Annie: you KNOW I READ your shit.

  2. I suppose it could be me who’s pissing you off that way. I got in trouble in elementary school for reading too fast, whatever that means. My third grade teacher really had a problem with it, would make me approach her desk and answer questions to prove that I’d actually read the material and comprehended it.

    • Been there, done that! Remember the read-a-thons for the march of Dimes? People who knew me well would pledge a quarter a book, because they knew I’d probably get through up to 30 books in the period allowed. My dad’s boss made a mistake the first year he sponsored me, and gave me FIVE DOLLARS a book….. Think I made the most money in the district that year! LOL

      • I got involved in just about every (non-church) charity fundraiser that came along, but we didn’t have any read-a-thons. I’d have been all over that. All of the something-a-thons that I got into were physical things, and most of them painful before they were over. I guess it’s not really a good something-a-thon if no one goes to the ER. 😀

    • It pisses me off Teela. I write from my soul. I do not appreciate robots. I love your writing and we are mutual fans; I always read your stuff before liking or not liking. That is the point, ain’t it?

      • It upsets me too. I’m not a writer as much as a writer for a cause, but every single word is written in blood and I don’t cotton to such.
        You share some very personal stories at your place and it should be appreciated. If not they need to move on.
        Your true followers will follow on.
        I have blocked a few for it.

      • Honey, I don’t look for true followers. I am just working thru some shit. I would never ‘block’ anyone. I have far too few to block.
        That said, I love that way you seem to like my words. Honestly.
        You always make me smile, and most do not. You are a survivor. I just play at it.
        (Was that too heavy?) How I feel anyway.

      • He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.

        I had to block a few women who followed my site who were submissives if you know what I mean. I was truly pissed. It was like a slap in the face.

        My hero.

      • PS When I say submissive, I mean a full fledged blog on how to be one.
        Seriously, you follow a victim of DV to teach her how to be submissive? What the hell?

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