Life is Funny; Laugh Out Loud

I recently posted a post, lamenting shit of my-so-called-life.

I take it all back.

My life is rich.

My life, is loved




Loved beyond recognition

‘I don’t often love, but when I do, I do… I do drink it up.’

‘Stay thirsty, My Friends.’

My life has been full of great music, great people, great loves, and great places and sparking (and sparkling) palaces.

Won’t trade it


Would not

‘Life is a Just A Tire Swing’. (I love the ‘raw nature’ of this video)

(This was Rocket Tom’s favorite, by the way)

I do miss him, and his wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Life is Funny; Laugh Out Loud

    • Little kids throw rocks at me now. I guess I look like the boogie man.
      Not boogie like disco boogie, but Booooogy like,
      ‘Hey Junior! throw rocks at that old dude.’
      *heavy sigh*


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