Is It Friday? Aw Shit! It’s Only Thursday.

My Good Friend Russell over there at

Kindly commented on my Post, “Street Where I Lived

Russ said,

“If you really want to have fun, go to Google Earth or Google Street View and look up all your old homes. I did it and found every place I ever lived, took a screen shot, and saved them for posterity, of which there will be none……”

I smartly replied,

“That is an excellent idea.

No posterity for me either. After four marriages, still no children. Just never seemed to get around to it.

Thank you Russel for stopping by and reading.


Then…few days later… I said,

“OK, so I went Google Earth Trolling… Most of the places I have ever lived are toxic waste sites now, they got the Bio-hazard signs up an’ ever’thang.

I need to focus on my future, If I have one.


(Laughing helps)

Thanks for the suggestion

(I think)”


Okay. Here is my point, (If’n I have one):

How many y’all Google Map your old habiliments?

Trust me on this: Do NOT do it!

Peach out, (but save the square bales for me)

11 thoughts on “Is It Friday? Aw Shit! It’s Only Thursday.

  1. I already know the condition of most of my former homes. There haven’t been that many, really. Most have not changed noticeably at all. One is now an empty lot, having burnt to the ground when I was in my early 20s.

  2. Dear Heathen,
    I lost my train. (it got de-railed)
    Been postin’ some weird shit today.
    But, I do appreciate your words.
    I will get back
    Your comment deserves more immediate back comentarys.
    (Yeah, I spell wrong; I do it fer kicks)

  3. Several years ago my wife and I drove past the places we lived in the town where we grew up. It was like meeting someone you haven’t seen in several decades who hasn’t aged well and has become bitter, and waking up next to her in the morning. Why oh why did I think this might be a good idea and how do I prevent this new information from tainting my fond memories?

  4. Tela, I sincerely thank you for stopping by an’ reading.
    Makes me smile to still be able to smile.

  5. OMG this was hilarious~ the places you used to live are ‘toxic waste sites’… ha ha, this could be a post about Ex’s and the Toxic wasteland 😀

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