“Lance is Crazy”

Lance is insane.

Lance is just drunk

Lance is suffering

Lance has PTSD

Lance has seen some shit

Lance has lived in some shit-holes

Lance will die for our sins

Lance is just… well, ‘Lance’. We must make allowances…

For Lance

‘Cuz we love Lance


I have heard this shit all my life.

Here is a clue and a nickel:

I am a happy camper.

(Okay:  You can claim the nickle on your way out)

I love it that some of y’all read my stuff and suffer to visit here.

That, that, That! Is a ‘no-shitter’

‘Till best we meet,

–Lance, (That crazy Texan Asshole From El Paso)

20 thoughts on ““Lance is Crazy”

  1. Remember that post from yesterday?
    This would be one of those misfit entries.
    Chalk it up to young’un hood. 😉
    By the way;
    This is pretty damn funny.
    My apologies to the Alamo.

  2. Lee, I bin reading Moby’s Dick (you remember, that book Betsy Fry made us read back in HS), anyhow, been readin’ Mel View.
    That schmuck could coin a phrase. (Betsy was right after all)
    Thanks for yer comment. Really
    I have lost me fuckin’ mine (er, Mind)

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