“Lance is Crazy”

Lance is insane.

Lance is just drunk

Lance is suffering

Lance has PTSD

Lance has seen some shit

Lance has lived in some shit-holes

Lance will die for our sins

Lance is just… well, ‘Lance’. We must make allowances…

For Lance

‘Cuz we love Lance


I have heard this shit all my life.

Here is a clue and a nickel:

I am a happy camper.

(Okay:  You can claim the nickle on your way out)

I love it that some of y’all read my stuff and suffer to visit here.

That, that, That! Is a ‘no-shitter’

‘Till best we meet,

–Lance, (That crazy Texan Asshole From El Paso)

20 thoughts on ““Lance is Crazy”

    • Lee, I bin reading Moby’s Dick (you remember, that book Betsy Fry made us read back in HS), anyhow, been readin’ Mel View.
      That schmuck could coin a phrase. (Betsy was right after all)
      Thanks for yer comment. Really
      I have lost me fuckin’ mine (er, Mind)

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