Just One More Reason I Love Living in the South

You can generally count on having most public places all to yourself on Sunday Mornings:

Public places like Parks, Gyms, Grocery Stores, Home Despot, Wal*Mart, Waffle Mouse, Beer Stores.  Just a few of my favorite Sunday Morning Venues.

Of course with the beer stores, you pretty much have to get there right at the Crack of Noon, as most Southern States won’t allow them to open until then (or sell their most important inventory at any rate). But if you hang out in the parking lot just before, you can always beat the crowd.

Just be sure to park real close to the door. Oh and be damn sure to wear those Nike’s.

Where my thesis falls apart is with the Golf Course, which is an entirely Different Church, which will always be holding Early Mass.

(What’s Wrong With Those People?)

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26 thoughts on “Just One More Reason I Love Living in the South

      • Around here we can only get real beer at the liquor stores. The others carry only Colorado Kool-Aid, the 3.2% stuff. That stuff’s fine if you’re a flatlander who just got here and can get drunk just reading the label, but like decaffeinated coffee it’s pretty pointless.

      • 😀 I guess we’ve got that in common.

        I came home from the Air Force in ’84 and found my father drinking as much as he could as fast as he could of the cheapest crap he could find. Some kind of piss that comes in nothing smaller than an 18 pack and that’s not worth the recycle value of the aluminum cans it comes in. ‘Course, that was the way he’d been for as long as I could remember so it wasn’t a shock.

        He sobered up after nearly killing himself in a one car (and one humongous boulder) wreck, and it turns out I liked him a lot better when he was too drunk to speak. Sober he’s not one a self respecting man can tolerate.

  1. Thanks for taking me back a few steps and reminding me of how much I love being Southern. I wouldn’t say the belle kind. But Southern none the less. 😉

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