The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem…

Therefore, here I go:

“Problem? I haven’t got a problem. I’ve got fucking problems. Plural.”

-Tim Roth (I think)

But for my purpose here tonight, I wish to discuss just the one. (It is My Blog after all, ain’t it?)

My ‘Tonight’s Problem’ concerns the fascination I hold for Lenny Bruce.

Now, for those of you who care not for Lenny, check out some of my other stuff which is about as far removed from Lenny as one could ever get: On a jet ski—or on a plane—or on a train—or in an automobile, or on an underwater water ski–actually a prototype that never went anywhere important.

For the rest of you who graciously humor me, here goes:

I am posting this video simply because it is the only one out there of Lenny before he died. And in point of fact, the only one ever done, aside from his very early days before he hit his stride (shit like Steve Allen, etc). This is most definitely not Lenny at his best.

One commenter on YouTube summed it up nicely:

“Just for starters, this isn’t Lenny at his peak…he’s just rushing through his most famous bits, like so many classic rock bands do with THEIR greatest hits…At this point in Time, he had about a year to live…there aren’t enuff characters remaining for me to list all the comics who owe their careers to Lenny…”

–Andrew Geshen (Via YouTube)

Honestly, I can not say it better than Mr. Geshen did above.

What I can say is this:

I have a problem with Lenny Bruce.

And admitting that should make all the difference.

Please watch and comment, if you want to.



P.S. I would be doing a disservice, and remiss, if I did not include the last two minutes of his act:

“I never met a Dyke I didn’t like.”

And ya know what? Neither did I, now that I ponder on it.



10 thoughts on “The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem…

  1. Yeah, I agree. It is hard to watch, but it all we have of his later days. I still enjoy watching, even though it is painful.

  2. I’ve seen these both. Definitely bittersweet; I agree that he rips thru his old crowd pleasers (“greatest hits”), but he already looks so bloated and sweaty, and that’s what’s so sad! You can tell he fits Goldman’s description of him as he sits endlessly at his typewriter during that final week. He knew the end was at hand.

  3. It’s always my pleasure to stop by your place.
    I will check out the movie. I’m sure I can find it somewhere.
    But I will keep in mind what you said as I watch.
    Thanks Lance.

  4. The movie with Dustin and Valerie Perrine was good, decent, and I think actually nominated for an Oscar.
    Not really a very good portrayal of Lenny. (Sorry Dustin).
    My point: If you are interested in ‘The Life of Lenny’ and his work, by all means, watch the movie (I own it, but it is in Region 2 format…grrrr), but, listen to his stuff. That way, you know the man. Forget his books. Those are for idiot scholars like me.
    Just listen to the man. He was a prophet.
    OK, not a prophet, but he did save me from depression more than once.

    And I was just about to head over to your site.
    Thanks for listening to Lenny.

  5. I don’t know what I think about this man other than funny. I’ll have to check out the movie with Dustin Hoffman.
    Hey, would you do me a favor and read a post I made, Yellow Roses. I’d like your thoughts on it.
    I’ve never written anything like it before.
    I’d appreciate it.

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