The Daily Lenny: Steve Allen Show

Okay Astronauts:  Here is your daily Lenny.

This is very early Lenny: before he hit his stride, but since I am going to continue to subject any willing readers, I thought I would mix things up a bit, not going for the low-fruit, which is the really great edgy shit he did years later.

This one is from the Steve Allen Show, which I believe I had mentioned in an earlier post.

It is not too bad, although it is not representative of the Lenny most know (and love). But you can experience the wonder of the evolution of  Bruce without his having to use profanity, which I still protest he always used sparingly and never gratuitously.

(I like it more when he talks ‘dirty’, I must confess. Hahahha)

This is the mark of a great comic.


Happy Thursday Y’all.


P.S. You must give credit to Steve Allen, and people like Tommy Smothers ( who, back in that day caught a lot of shit for their TV shows. My hat (if I wore one) would be off to the THEM Too.

“All Alone”

10 thoughts on “The Daily Lenny: Steve Allen Show

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by.
    I thought I had seen / heard all of Lenny too, but every once in a while I discover a new gem.
    Thanks very much for the visit and the comment. My intention is to put up another Lenny bit everyday until I run out.
    Could take a while.

  2. Yes! We need more Lenny.
    Thank you, quarksire, for visiting and watching.
    My ‘Daily Lenny’ Post Project makes me happy. I am gonna continue with it.
    Thanks again for visiting.

  3. I just must say something here:
    There are a lot of blogs I follow. And please trust me on this: I read all of ’em. I am not a ‘Blatant Follower.”
    My tastes run esoteric. I just embrace so much. And I will admit some move me more than others. The ones that really move me tend to hold my own personal mores nearer and dearer to my heart.
    However, all have value to me. Otherwise I would not bother. Hell Fire! We all have real lives (don’t we?) I love reading my friends.

    This is just human.
    There are some sites I just fawn over. Star Struck by the writing would be a useful description.
    Snarky-Snatch ( falls into this category.
    She never fails to make my day.
    And, lemme tell ya: she ain’t fer everyone but, dammit she makes me laugh.

    “Why are you talking about this Lance. Now?”
    “I guess because I can,” he said.

    “And I guess because I want lots of different folks visiting me.
    And Lots of Folks with different life view points and attitudes.
    And I guess because I am in some fucking Barney the Purple Dinosaur mode.
    And I guess I will shut the hell up now.”

    Seriously, The only thing I find profane in the world is ignorance.
    Actually, ignorance is forgivable. It is prejudice I find obscene. I am no crusader: I have been prejudice too. I was raised to be prejudice. But then, I learned to read.
    Ignorance and prejudice are two sides of the same coin. That was my point. Perhaps this is too important a conversation to be having in a ‘comment’ section of a blog.
    Another day….
    Thanks for reading.

    Cheers Y’all,

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