Daily Lenny: Marriage, Divorce, Hotels, & The Clap-Athon

Below is the Daily Lenny (Two-Fer Tuesday)

Lenny and Honey (and Kitty)

Lenny and Honey (and Kitty)

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Shelley Berman & The Mafia

How Hitler Got Started

Early Lenny–Steve Allen Show

Next to Last Performance with video

Lima Ohio, LBJ, and Southern Accents

Thank You, Masked Man

Dirty Toilet Joke  (fixed)

Thank You For Listening


5 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Marriage, Divorce, Hotels, & The Clap-Athon

  1. Can ya see the white bar with the gray ‘>’
    Right below this
    “Below is the Daily Lenny (Two-Fer Tuesday):”
    I am really confused too. If that is not showing up.
    No way I can figure out a better way to do it, but there probably is.
    Please let me know, because if there is a problem, I gonna have to fix it.

  2. Now, I know I’ve had one too many glasses of Moscato, but, I cannot find yer email, or the audio of Lenny that I haven’t already heard. Would you please be so kind as to direct me, specifically. They’re all purty damn funny, but my favorite is the one about LBJ and southern accents.
    Or, if’n you like you kin just point me to a post I ain’t read yet and call it even.

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