“Hard Places”, the Life and Service of Dr. Tom Little in Afghanistan

Many thanks to Anne Bell for this story. I have (as most of y’all know) spent a great portion of my life in the Middle East and Afghanistan. This hits me close to home. Please check out Anne’s wonderful site. Lots of great reads found there.


Dr. Tom had served as an optometrist in Afghanistan since 1977. He and his family stayed during the Russian invasion and during the war with America. Dr. Tom felt that these were his people and they had no other care without him. He ,along with 7 foreign aid workers, and 2 Afghans were killed on August 6, 2010 by the Taliban who claimed the killings. Dr. Tom never took sides or withheld treatment to anyone who came to him, including Taliban. He loved Afghanistan and the people. Libby Little, Tom’s wife was awarded the highest civilian honor in the United States, the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama in honor of Dr. Tom’s 30 selfless years of faithful service in Afghanistan. Meet Tom and Libby, the other workers, and Afghan people in this documentary. The film, “Hard Places” will be released in 2014. Michael Swantek the editor, was my…

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2 thoughts on ““Hard Places”, the Life and Service of Dr. Tom Little in Afghanistan

  1. Dr. Tom was in Afghanistan in 1977 and I was in Sinai.
    Hell! We were practically neighbors!
    Love this story and will be looking to watch the entire documentary.
    Thank you Anne.


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