Daily Lenny: Religions Inc.

Below please find today’s bit:

(May be offensive to people of faith)


Oral Roberts



Pope John XXIII









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11 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Religions Inc.

  1. I completely agree with everything you say here. And it is great to introduce the young ones to people such as Lenny Bruce. (probably a lot of folks would disagree, but what the hell). So much of comedy today is just about profanity. Lenny got a bad rap for that. He was hilarious not because he could say ‘cocksucker’ on stage. He was great because he really didn’t have to, to piss people off. Great comment, and I will certainly be looking for your post on the subject.
    Again I thank you for your interest here and for your feedback.

  2. Oh, and I love “Christ and Moses”, too. Totally spot on (kinda like Ray Stevens’ “would Jesus wear a Rolex on his TV show” ( or something like that lol).

  3. Thank you, and I am honored to be esteemed as such! After reading your thoughtful reply, you have inspired me to just post a blog about my discovery of Lenny, rather than leave another long-winded reply here. And yes, I too am stoked to discover another true Lenny Bruce fan; we are few and far between (and I am turning my 14 year old nephew Jordan onto him, Carlin, Hicks,and Stanhope).

    Sadly, few people nowadays get his humor, since it is dated. But like I tell Jordan, it is a necessity to get to know the man who broke the barrier in order to Better appreciate his generation’s greats like Chappelle and Iglesias. I compare it to studying Newton before you could appreciate Einstein or Hawking.

    Have a great evening, dude. I’m glad to have met you as well!

  4. I grew up in the Seventies as well and got a lot of my ‘History’ from Brother Dave Gardner a contemporary of Lenny’s. My father had spent several years as a DJ for a bunch of radio stations all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Every time he got fired (for his antics) he would take a bunch of albums with him as ‘severance’ pay. He had quite a collection by the time he decided to join his brother at Med School. Anyway… I am just sorry it took me until the late Nineties to discover Lenny Bruce.

    I can say without hesitation that the man has enriched my life more than any other artist. ‘Religions Inc.’ was the second ‘bit’ of his I heard (the first was ‘Three Message Movies’). If not for the internet I would never have heard Lenny. Of course I had ‘heard of’ Lenny going back many years, but never had an opportunity to actually hear him.

    ‘Religions Inc.’ is probably my favorite bit as well, though ‘Christ and Moses’ runs right along; probably would be a photo-finish if we were talking horses here.

    It is awesome to be able to converse with another Lenny Bruce fan. Sadly I do not know many. Really no one I actually ‘know’ (not in the Biblical sense 😉 ) Almost all of the Lenny fans I know, I know only via the internet. I add you to my list of good ‘Lenny Friends’ with great pleasure.

    Thank you very much for your visit and for your comments.


  5. This has long been one of my favorite Lenny bits here. He is spot on with his take, too. Even if I wasn’t alive during this era, I have been an avid reader all my life (As a kid in the ’70’s, my only real friends were a bunch of old books and magazines from the ’40’s to the ’60’s, so I have always gotten these references. I have learned that this was a much more valuable history lesson than I ever got in any school).

    Loved how he was one of the first of the popular stand-ups to call the establishment out right in front if it’s fat, bloated face. No wonder It was so obsessed with destroying him!

  6. “Another Martini for Mother Gabrini’
    Thank you for listening Teela.
    I appreciate it.
    Happy Friday!
    I think the last line is the best though, when he says to the Pope:
    “No, Nobody knows you’re Jewish.”

  7. LoL……so true, lets gather ’em up, suck ’em in and make ’em pay. Everybody get’s their equal pay.
    Have a Martini 😉

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