Our Life’s Soundtrack

This has been said before.

You do not come to my site for revelation.

You come here (I hope) looking for Texas-in-all-the-wrong-places.

Never mind that one.

I have an affinity for Willie, (as all Texans do)

Therefore, since we all have our ‘Sound-Tracks’, here is one from mine:

I hope you like it.



P.S. I have lived a reckless sort of life, but ya know what?

“There’s nothin’ I can do about it now.”

So… I rock on.

Do I have a choice?

Did I ever?

12 thoughts on “Our Life’s Soundtrack

  1. I am from a younger generation, but Willie, Cash, Waylon, etc. are on my iPod along with Eminem, Florida Georgia Line, and Drake. lol

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I wasn’t born in 78, though my mother ensured we knew all the golden artists! (Form of torture) lol.. I also recall Foster and Allen… Oh goodness!!


    I hated the artists back then, though now love listening to the tunes…

    Funny that !

  3. I saw Willie perform in 1976 at my college town. He was about an hour late as was usually his wont back then, but we didn’t care; we would have waited all night. Besides we had David Allan Coe, filling up the wait.
    Willie opened with ‘Whiskey River’ which was always his opening song. It was a great night.
    “I’m drowning in a whiskey river…”
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Willie Nelson is a legend! Been while since I heard anything from him.

    My mother used to take us on long drives through the Adelaide hills, playing Charlie Pride on one of those reverse tape players! We would have done anything to hear Willie Nelson then!! Lol

    Great share, thanks Lance 🙂


  5. Thank you very much Elizabeth. I am honored and I appreciate your visits to my site.
    Have a wonderful Monday.

  6. Sadie, Dear,
    If I were not such an apologist for Lenny, Molly would be next on my hit parade.
    I have read all of her books, btw, and I am old ’nuff to have read her in the ‘Dallas Times Herald’.
    I will stop there.
    But…but…I do thank you for reading an’ commentin’ and for pickin’ up on Molly. Most would not.
    You have impressed me.
    (for whatever that is worth)
    Thank YOU.

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