Daily Lenny: Zen an’ Zig an’ Zag and… Bingo in the Catholic Church

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“Don’t touch my bags if you please, Mister Customs Man.”


Let us never forget:

Smiling, said he was the Lone Ranger…comin’ into Los Angeleese…

This Land is still ours; let’s hold on to it:

“Now yer gettin’ ‘preachy’ Lance”

“Yeah, I know. It’s Lenny’s fault. First Amendment and all that jazz…”

I love my country.


33 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Zen an’ Zig an’ Zag and… Bingo in the Catholic Church

  1. OH, my family was Baptist, to the core.
    They just decided I’d be better educated…..
    Well, we all know how that turned out.
    I got Mass, Hail Mary’s, and Rosary’s during the week and hell, fire and brimstone on Sundays…
    Purty damn funny now.

  2. I am so glad I did not have any experiences like that. My Grandmother just constantly told me I was going to hell. She was Baptist.

  3. No, I played nothing but keep away from the nuns with rulers.
    They were a relentless crew. Graven, poker faces.
    Sister Jehoakim, (I’ll never forget her) made me wash nail polish off with w a t e r….. after she smacked me with that damn ruler of hers.
    Then quickly sent me to Mass for Absolution.

  4. Laughing…..
    Yes it would, and leave my name out of it as I’m pure as the driven snow. 😉
    But if I wasn’t I would never hog the goods.

  5. We all have things from our past we have to live down.
    Thank you Teela for stopping by and commenting.

    “Don’t bogart that joint, my friend.”
    (might be a future post there….)

  6. I’m sure ZigZag will be imprinted in my brain for years. I had a neighbor who did roll cigarettes with one hand. At least I think it was tobacco :/
    I don’t know I didn’t check his bags.
    I went to Catholic school and I’m certain Lenny’s right……that’s where all my trouble started anyway.
    Great post.

  7. Posting this here, cuz my WP, geeks out the comments.
    Thank you very much for readin’ my stuff.
    Hope you enjoy.

  8. Concur.
    Thank you very much for visiting and commenting.
    I like your site and I will explore it in depth.

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