Daily Lenny: Zen an’ Zig an’ Zag and… Bingo in the Catholic Church

Below Your Daily Lenny (Early for a change):


More Mister Bruce down yonder Y’all



Thank you (all Y’all) for visiting my humble site.

“Don’t touch my bags if you please, Mister Customs Man.”


Let us never forget:

Smiling, said he was the Lone Ranger…comin’ into Los Angeleese…

This Land is still ours; let’s hold on to it:

“Now yer gettin’ ‘preachy’ Lance”

“Yeah, I know. It’s Lenny’s fault. First Amendment and all that jazz…”

I love my country.


33 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Zen an’ Zig an’ Zag and… Bingo in the Catholic Church

  1. I’m sure ZigZag will be imprinted in my brain for years. I had a neighbor who did roll cigarettes with one hand. At least I think it was tobacco :/
    I don’t know I didn’t check his bags.
    I went to Catholic school and I’m certain Lenny’s right……that’s where all my trouble started anyway.
    Great post.

    • We all have things from our past we have to live down.
      Thank you Teela for stopping by and commenting.

      “Don’t bogart that joint, my friend.”
      (might be a future post there….)

      • No, I played nothing but keep away from the nuns with rulers.
        They were a relentless crew. Graven, poker faces.
        Sister Jehoakim, (I’ll never forget her) made me wash nail polish off with w a t e r….. after she smacked me with that damn ruler of hers.
        Then quickly sent me to Mass for Absolution.

      • I am so glad I did not have any experiences like that. My Grandmother just constantly told me I was going to hell. She was Baptist.

      • OH, my family was Baptist, to the core.
        They just decided I’d be better educated…..
        Well, we all know how that turned out.
        I got Mass, Hail Mary’s, and Rosary’s during the week and hell, fire and brimstone on Sundays…
        Purty damn funny now.

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