Gonna Be Home(less) Real Soon

Approaching that.
Ask yourself: how close are you?

One paycheck?
Currently, everything I own will fit into one suitcase (save this computer I type at)
I own no house.
I own no car (mode of transportation)
I own nothing.
Yet, I own me.
This I do own.
Presently, I will leave this place
And go to some other place
And still own nothin’
But me
(this is not a poem)

I leave poetry to the poetic

This is ME.
Livin’ my lie

“Nobody stopped (to hear him)”

“And the signal changed”

Too heavy?

Not Heavy enuff?

Or trip here

if y’all wanna get misty-eyed follow the link below:


14 thoughts on “Gonna Be Home(less) Real Soon

  1. A shame our society is so money based. It takes money to do such basic things like survive. I hope you find your next shelter easily. But one thing I do know…home is in our heart, not in a structure. hugs

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