“It’s Getting To The Point…

…where I’m no fun anymore.”

“I am sorry.”

Then This:

Do not worry: I don’t do drugs.

As Janis once said, “I am a juicer.”

New edit: Steven Stills!


9 thoughts on ““It’s Getting To The Point…

  1. Two of all my all-time favs . . . thanks for sharing these!! I listen to & really like a lot of different types and time periods of music – but this shit is just about as good as it gets & is timeless – stories of life . . . have mercy ☮ 🙂


    • I was almost old enough to go, but alas.
      Did see the movie at the drive in theater in Bonham, Texas (with Ronnie, Gina, and my girlfriend Sheila)
      I wrote about that in my story about Ronnie. Perhaps you remember the story?


      • I’m not sure if I remember, maybe you can send the link. I’d like to check it out.
        I do remember drive ins. I’ve packed more than my fair share of people in my trunk while I looked for a place to park. And not get caught.
        It’s been shut down for 15 years now, but I do miss ’em.
        They had a sneaky habit of showing porn, and we had a sneaky way of gettin’ in to see. It was bad, scarred me for life.


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