Daily Lenny: Who’s a Fag?

Okay for all my Atheist Friends Out There….


OK: Take Two…

For ALL My Friends out there in radio land, (most especially this one. May he rest in peace…and beer…and whiskey…and dope…and Lynyrd Skynyrd) here is your daily Lenny entitled ‘Who’s a Fag?”

Say Fuck The Government

And I do sincerely appreciate all visits to my site, no matter what or who you are. Martians are especially welcomed.

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Point / Counter Point

(Because Debate is God. Oops! I mean ‘Good’)

“Never ever lose your sense of humor.”

–James Belushi in the Movie, “About Last Night.”


(Wow! Neil looks really pissed off in this. Kinda like the Geico Caveman dude)


Caint We All Just Get the Fuck Along?

Caint We All Just

Get the Fuck Along?

“Must be a case of ‘The Mondays‘.”

Happy Monday Y’all. (ALL Y’all)

11 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Who’s a Fag?

  1. One of May favorite LB quotes, and I can’t believe I forgot to reference it in my last post about Lenny (when I made the point about the hypocrisy of “obscenity’ laws).

  2. Thank you (and I am still searching for that bit I wrote about “Freebird.”) I could just re-write it, but where would be the fun in that?
    Now I am becoming obsessed with finding it. It is somewhere out there…I just know it. God Damn It.

  3. I think I wrote a blog/comment about that song (Freebird) was not flattering, but I do like the song, and I do like Skynrd. I will search out my comments on ‘FreeBird’ and if they are not too obnoxious 😉 I will post them here.
    Thank you very much for visiting and commenting. Means a lot to me.
    Cheers Mate!

  4. Your post reminded me I of a good ol gal name Diane who was based way down sth of Melbourne. And by gawd damn did we swing to those tunes of Lynyrd Skinyrd gulping down her home made zambuca. I love that Free bird song. They were some had times.

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