Fairness of The Fairway

With permission I submit this wonderful post.
Thank you RD.

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Here is a sample



  • The Doctor CameIn
  • She couldn’t have a child of her own
  • In the cells of Hell
  • The heights of Heaven
  • The Saints could hear her mournful groan
  • Then came a divine option
  • Her Sister-in-Law had a child for adoption
  • She met him, her heart rang with glee
  • Especially when she heard that word, Mommy
  • Inseparable became those two
  • Tighter than a vice, thicker than goo
  • They traveled the world and learned things
  • They never knew
  • She would smile and smile
  • Poor tortured soul, his Motherwould call
  • Reminding her, he wasn’t her child at all
  • Yet, she couldn’t believe or even imagine the fun
  • Than being called mommy and acting like one
  • She disciplined him
  • Couldn’t have him growing wild like them
  • Her son would be the best
  • Not wife, but being mommy made her happiest
  • Then came a lightening bolt
  • Burning without smoke
  • The ash so thick it choked
  • The…

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