Fairness of The Fairway

With permission I submit this wonderful post.
Thank you RD.

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Here is a sample


10 thoughts on “Fairness of The Fairway

    • To me it looks like it. I have played it too.
      (on my computer)
      Go to the author and ask. Not sure where the photos come from.

      • Hey! I did actually play Torrey Pines.
        (back in my Navy Daze)
        Got a mil discount and a free mulligan on the first hole.

      • That’s a great course! I got my first ever eagle on the second hole @ Spanish Bay on my 50th birthday. I don’t golf anymore though. I like to end things on a high lol.

      • I did! It was my second shot up the fairway and I swear I thought I hit the green somewhere and was looking all over for the ball. Finally my husband looked in the hole. I’m cracking up at your 22 lol.

      • In a lifetime of golf, if you’re lucky, there are two or three shots you never forget.
        You make me smile… Thinking of golf…and armadillos.
        (you read that one, right?)
        Shameless promotion….;)

      • no unfortunately i didn’t…I’m barely getting through my reader right now and i have a cold so i might’ve read it and forgot LOL

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