Ever Have One-of-Those-Days?

I am  speaking to those writers out there.


That is not a propitious beginning for this post.

Well, allow me to retort:

One of those days when you have so much shit colliding in your head, atom-like, trying to reach escape velocity?

This is my day.

I have (check ’em) all these wanna-be posts colliding:

1. He is an accident going somewhere to happen (just about a recent trip to Kroger’s)

2. Puddles in my beer (don’t ask)

3. Jim Morrison (Seriously do not ask)

4. Walk of Shame (again… don’t go there)

5. The kind and good and great and moral folks I live about here in East Memph (ask about this one) I love it.

Your votes will be tallied.

Now get on with it.

(sorry I could not make it easy; caint do the ‘poll thang’ you will just be forced to ‘comment’.)

But Hey! how hard is that?

27 thoughts on “Ever Have One-of-Those-Days?

  1. Wonder if there’s a planet in retrograde or something. Everyone I know who writes is currently ready to start tearing out hair, scream, or just burst into tears… me and the Kidling included. (Actually, she DID break down in tears over one of her projects…) On the other note… I vote MORRISON!

  2. Didn’t it say SMILE – But I am lost now – I can’t remember that far back – sorry. I suppose everything is a simile – similes are wonderful for smilies. They work out always. Everything is a simile.I said that already?
    Nope nothing else.

  3. Sweety – nobody deserves to talk to me.

    Um …hang on…let me rephrase that – does anybody DESERVE anybody/thing – ?
    I swear – we just live right.

    Actually – I am of a very affirmed position that earning peoples attention is overrated anyhow.
    So tuck in to the kristoff and — why is that not good for a Texan? I used to smoke Texan 😀 (now I smoke the cheapest rubbish I can find in the hope it will put me off – not working so far I am afraid 🙁 )

    But thanks hey – that is very kind of you!
    Go feed your bud.

  4. I am having too much fun talking to you.
    I do not deserve it!
    Gotta go and find my sober b4 my dog starts asking, “Hey Dad! where is the food, Dude.”
    He really talks to me this way. Now I am listening to Kris Kristopper-son. (never a good thing for a Texan)

  5. Must be some grapes amongst those leaves then yeah. I AM actually still a chick in case that was confusing! 😀
    I just dig writing in ye olde English sometimes. So pull the piss that I am Shakespeare and terribly very educated and intellectual and etc… it is a good thing to refer to my screen name from time to time to bring me back down to earth. Ok – you sound like you need to be go cracking that lager now 😉

  6. WoW! This changes ever’thang!
    I think Jesus is mowing my yard and raking leaves…into wine!
    ‘Tis a brand new day!

  7. Dude – Don’t you remember?? It was Willie. (but then I imagine I am Willie reincarned so you have a point) have you NOT seen me with my beard??! You should see me with a beard. I am FABULOUS!

  8. Hey!! You stole my hat! I know that hat. Had that hat since forever. You took it while I was passed out at the renaissance festival didn’t ya. I was Henry the Eight, you may have been Ann Bolyn or that other Boyln Girl… ah shit! Just gimme back my hat!

  9. lol! 😀 lol! 😀 – thank you — been a long ass day – a laugh is always a spectacular way to wind it down = *tips imaginary hat*

  10. Your vote has been received and tallied.
    “This is an automagically generated obnoxious reply to your inquiry. Any emails sent to this addy will be given to the NSA–So watch yer ass”

    Thank you My Friend for coming to my site.
    Trust me: I will not report you.

  11. Oh – I am gonna HAVE to go with number five their Sir 😉
    I had forgotten about that movie!! Oh it was just so lovely. You chose a fascinating clip.

  12. You vote has been cast into a box.
    Thank you.
    You will receive your results tomorrow.
    (If my sun comes up)
    Thank you for…
    Well thanks,

  13. Your vote Sir, is tallied. When the polls close, you will be notified if I have time or the give-a-shit wherewithal.

    Seriously My Good Friend, Thank you.
    You made me laugh.

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