23 thoughts on “It’s a Misfit Kinda Night

  1. Sorry for a second comment, but I thought I would come back and comment to say that my favorite Hopper painting is probably “Blue Night,” because it so characteristically bizarre. Definitely worth a look if you aren’t already familiar with it.

  2. I would love to have an Edward Hopper print hanging around my apartment one day. Nigel van Wieck occasionally reminds me of Hopper. Wieck and Hopper are certainly much different stylistically, but for some reason, I still categorize them together in my mind. Possibly their related sense of color. It’s hard to say really.

    • I may have already fawned over you, but allow me again.
      Wow! I am your fan.
      Not the other way ’round.
      Realize that.
      I love all my, dare I say it?
      Atheist friends.
      (he said that on Easter)
      Kill him!
      I never said that.
      You cannot prove it.
      Go try.

  3. Damn! I never saw Tom before. I am impressed, and I can see the Lenny influence (not to mention the Louie). I remember the Mike Douglas show,too; I was only 6 when that originally aired. What is such a trip is the guests (gasp!) so brazenly smoking cigarettes so openly (Ol Doug Stanhope and Bill Hicks would have been proud!). Thanks for enlightening me, dude!

    • The blatant smoking on stage got me!
      I was a young’un back then too, but… it all seemed so natural!
      As Carly Simon says, “There are the good old days…”

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