“Now Run Tell That!” –Peanut, semi-famous person.

(Here is the ‘Peanut’ link if ya wanna find the quote.)

My girlfriend is a poker-player. A real good poker-player.

She reads ‘tells’ like I read comic books, i.e. real good.

I am NOT real good at poker. (Craps, Blackjack? Yeah. I shine there)


Here is a transcribed recent conversation, recently transcribed:

“Lance, you’ve been drinking.”

“No I haven’t”

“Yes you have.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because of your ‘tells.’”

“My what?”

“Your ‘tells’.”

“Oh you mean William?”

“No! I mean your ‘tells’.”


“You telegraph your state.”


“No Idiot. You telegraph.”

“I don’t speak Morse Code.”

*exasperated looks*

“Lance, I can ‘tell’ when you’ve been drinking from your ‘tells’”

“Tell me my ‘tells’ so that I may amend them.”

“No fucking way I am telling you your ‘tells’”

“Ah! Why not?”

“You just don’t get it do ya?”

“Do tell…”

“Fuck you!”


P.S. The dog can ‘tell’ too. But he just don’t give-a-shit.

“Bring me a fuckin’ soup bone.”

I threw this video in just because I love it.

(Adds absolutely nothing germane to the story)

“Ahso Meta-Mook!”

Is this a word? ‘Meta-Mook’?

(I guess that line forms on the right.)

22 thoughts on ““Now Run Tell That!” –Peanut, semi-famous person.

  1. She’s British. What can I say?
    Will check out the new site.
    Thank you for stopping by.
    I appreciate your time and your comment.
    (Damn! That sounds so formal)
    Hey, Thanks for stuff!

  2. But the Mack the Knife song adds something for ME! Good one, Lance. Tells with a champion poker player girlfriend. Good grief, she knows what you’re thinking before you do, my friend.

  3. Sounds like she deserves a damned medal.. I KNEW a drunk ONCE… note the past tense and note the singular usage…. never repeated it…. bad, bad news….

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