Daily Lenny (belated): “Psychopathia Sexualis”

Lundi Lenny



Seems apropos for Texan Tales & HGlph: The Reference to ‘Dallas’… Y’all.

Or, because of the ‘Beat Poet’ aspect.


You decide which is the more relevant.


Here ya go:



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6 thoughts on “Daily Lenny (belated): “Psychopathia Sexualis”

  1. No prob! I been getting my ass kicked at work and with my chores at home. Unfortunately, that is the only track from “Sick Humor” I was able to comp online. I wish I could find the rest of that great album, but I can only find it on vinyl (not only prohibitively expensive, but alas, I have no turntable, either!)

  2. Yessssss!!!! My favorite bit from the “Sick Humor” album the Hipsters laid on old Haggard back in86! LOL over the reference to his last girlfriend who “jumped over the moon!” Poetry…and all THAT jazz!

  3. Yes funny, but so poignant at the time. He is mocking the KKK and the absurdity of anyone opposing ‘mixed marriage’, which today, could be substituted for ‘Same Sex Marriage.’

    Funny how far we have come and yet, how far we still have to go.
    And of course, this is just my ‘read’ on it.

    Thanks Teela, for the comment and the visit.

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