Hey Joe!

Hey Joe!

Where ya goin’ with that gun in your hand?

Hey Joe!

Is it just me, but have we swerved into a New McCarthyism?

OK, let’s take a look:

  1. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is an idiot, and for all intents and purposes, a racist. I am pretty sure we can all agree on that.
  2. Adam Silver detailed Sterling’s punishment of a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine — the “maximum amount” allowed per league guidelines
  3. I say ‘Bravo’! But we are talking about a man worth probably TWO BILLION. Does he care? Not one whit, in my humble opinion. He can afford to be a racist in America today.
  4. What about the careers ruined in the Nineteen Fifties by McCarthy, Nixon, and HUAC? These were working people. Actors? yes. Movie Directors? Yes. Writers? Yes. Famous people? Some, but most were… just actors, writers, directors and certainly not Billionaires.

Even today, people lose their jobs over an oft-hand racist remark. Is this justice? Does the punishment fit the crime? In some extreme cases, if chronic, yes it does.  But for a one-time remark, should they be ostracized? Should they be forced to wear the Scarlett ‘R”?


Fuck nope.

Okay, for my purposes, this is enough.

When did we slip back into McCarthyism?

As far as I can glean, this was a personal phone call from an idiot to a… as CNN says, “Girlfriend and Mistress.”

Ok, the man is married. And he has a BFF who happens to be female.

Why should we care?

If one can point the ‘Racist’, the ‘Scarlett’, the ‘Communist’ finger at someone, thus dragging them through the muck, and down in to perdition, on an accusation, then what?

What, and who is next?

People who kick rats?

Or speak ill of rats?

In the privacy of their own homes (personal phone calls)

Fuck with rats?

Or even fuck rats?


How did we get here?

This is political correctness run amok.

Jefferson would weep, and so would Thomas Paine.

There will never be another Jimi Hendrix

(and that, that, is a Goddamn Shame)


30 thoughts on “Hey Joe!

  1. “Free country my ass….you’re NOT fuckin’ FREE!” – Doug Stanhope.

    Yeah, you dirt-poor, working-class nothings! Y’all better watch your mouths, or else the Big Brother Thought Police will fuck you up! This isn’t about justice (just ask the unscathed billionaire), it’s about you and me stepping out of line!

    As for fucking rats, that reminds me of the time Peter Griffin had that rat farm in the basement…

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  2. I got your general point! I am not a sports fan, nor am I racist or a communist. Point is in today’s world, there is NO PRIVACY!!!!! Period. My philosophy is never ever think you are not being watched or listened to (recorded in general, esp. with cell phones) . . . and no, I am not paranoid either, LOL, just a realist! ☮

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      • I saw that LAM . . . 😉 From one Texan to another – I got your back LOL!! Besides loss of privacy, IMHO freedom of speech is pretty inconsistent . . . I did not agree with what he said, but others have said or done worse – just depends on who finds out, the resulting media spin/backlash & the prevailing attitudes/focus/concerns of the public at that moment in time.

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      • Ah crap – my main point was sometimes when free speech concerns are discussed, it often invokes thoughts of McCarthyism and Communism. I knew what ya meant & didn’t think you were comparing Communism to Racism . . . damn I need more coffee 😉

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  3. I can’t comment on your specific example as I am not a sports fan, but in general, I find our society intolerant of anyone and anything that doesn’t meet their strict moral codes. This creates a lot of unnecessary unhappiness: all this judging to feel better about ourselves. When I see someone’s mistake made public, I think, Gosh, that could be me, depending on the supposed offense. I mean, I wouldn’t be propositioning men in an airport bathroom, but something smaller, but still significant like leaving your kid alone in the car while you go in and grab a few groceries (I’ve done this and narrowly avoided being arrested by a responding police officer…I didn’t even know this was a crime. Was it dumb? Yup. Would I do it again? Nope, but it is the type of misguided mistake that can result in a lot of negative attention and judgment instead of understanding and forgiveness.) Just my two cents.


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