Who Will?

Who Will?

Who Will Get It?

“Not me! No not me! Not never; never certainly. Certainly not. Not me!”

“But… I must.”

So says one honorable…

This one will self-destruct.

In five hours.

Watch fast.

“‘Cause there ain’t nothing for free.”

“Is there?”

Human Trafficking Is Real: Wake The Fuck Up!


Now, that is just an esoteric link to an esoteric site

I have seen it. (Human Trafficking: Dubai, Philippines, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, USA…)

Yes. I have.

Time to act: “So get out on those streets Girls and bust yer butts..”

(This video is about more than all that. Yes; I know. However, I choose to co-op it to make a point. Therefore, if you want to take me to task about my misinterpretation of Jewel and her song, feel free. Will be welcome. Line forms below: And it is probably a short line. Minimal waiting.)



6 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Poetry? Really? Sharon?

    Here is the best poetry I can muster (and even this I have to plagiarize)

    ‘God in his wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why’
    (Odgen Nash)


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