Fall Back Friday

Ummmm Kay… Kids…

Slumping Writer Here.

(not really slumping; just lazy)


More original shit (manana)

That is a no-shitter and a premise.

But… back in my ‘Pup Daze’ I did post some good shit. (Well, I thought it was good shit)

Here is the list of a few of my favorite things:

Take a chance; have a glance. Find Romance: Drop a dime; Take the Time;  Buy some wine.

Shine. Shine on.

(it won’t cost you one dime… just send one dollar, postal money order…)









And there is more.

But I won’t bore.


And thanks for watching.

-Lance Out.


17 thoughts on “Fall Back Friday

  1. Haven’t checked out the links yet – but LOVED this song ever since I was a little girl . . . 😉 Thanks for posting this Lance ☮

  2. The sound of music reminds me of being cradled in my mother’s bosom. And I was a teenager. One of the times I was allowed to watch TV during weeknights. The other times was during “Shogun” and “The Thorn Birds..” LOL! And people wonder why I’m so freaking messed up!!!! May she rest in peace, but The Sound of Music always makes me think of her.

    • I remember watching The ‘Thornbirds’ too. Never saw ‘Shogun’.
      Love ‘The Sound of Music’ (and most other musicals).
      Thanks for sharing your memories on this.

      • I do remember the show (and the books), but never got around to watching or reading. Read other stuff about Japan and actually have visited there back in the Eighties. Loved it!

  3. I can’t help it…all I see here is THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!! I love love love that movie. it’s my all-time favorite believe it or not. I know every word! lol

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