You’ve Got to Give a Little

To get a little.

Blogging philosophy:

“Visit. Comment. (sincerely comment) Read. Read. Read. And Then Read some more.”

Then the folks will come.

Works ever’ time.

And… it’s good for the soul.

The Divine Miss ‘M’

(We love her)

Thank You for your visit and for your time.

14 thoughts on “You’ve Got to Give a Little

  1. Great song! It’s so true! Life has been insane lately, but I’m slowly catching up on the reading. Talk about an adrenaline junkie! You want to be back where you’re shot at?! I’m thankful for people like you. I am. Not my thing! 🙂

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  2. My fave from her has always been Wind Beneath my Wings. Reminds me of Mom. Geez, Lance, your posts currently all remind me of my dear departed mom. Maybe the universe is telling me I need to write a poem dedicated to her name. I’ll think on it and see if I can be it done for mother’s day.

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    • Mark,
      You are a very busy man (I mean; you have a job)
      Yet, you are always so generous with your time, vis-a-vis my blog (and many others)
      You are (truly) a good, very good person,
      I applaud you.


      • I am a busy man, Lance, but your name is part of my work life these days as I am now a freelance man, man, and now I write more than I did when I had that traditional fulltime newspaper journalist’s job.

        So now I write for my blog and other blogs and a magazine and I read many many many other blogs and love it love it love it love it.

        Thank you for your applause.

        Life changed for me when I got laid off from that newspaper job I had for 29 years. Hearing that applause from you really means a ton to me.

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      • You are a good man Mark.
        (me? no so much)
        I just want a new gig in Iraq or Afghanistan… you know? Someplace where people shoot at me with real bullets.
        Peace In Brother.
        Thank you for your friendship.


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