So now Jackson Browne’s lawyers are suing my lawyers.

Browne’s peeps claim I slandered him (calling him a ‘Miss-all of Y’all Oh-Gist’)

Gonna sue me?

Guess what? 

Ya can’t get blood out of a turnip and you can’t pick a lock with a wet hering. 



I cannot even spell ‘misogynist’.

Is the man nuts?

“As soon as I stop laughing, have your people call my people: we’ll do lunch. Then you may serve the papers.”

I weep for my country.
I really do.

I’m moving back to Managua.

(I could go unnoticed in such a place)

12 thoughts on “Litigiousness

  1. You could always say you were slurping miso soup and talking to a gynist… 🙂 Obviously, that’s what it means!!!!

  2. ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,”
    Dick the Butcher in “Shakespeare’s ”Henry VI,” Part II, act IV”

    Thanks for dropping by Mark and I take your comment as a compliment.

  3. Some people have too many attorneys and not enough sense of humor. You, on the other hand, Lance, may have too much of a sense of humor and not enough attorneys. Have a good day.

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