Daily Lenny: Judge Aaron Albamiser (sp) And This Has Turned Into a Rant. Sorry…

Judge Aaron Albamiser & Lenny Bruce:
“Thick Fingers and a Homemade Glass Eye.”
“A Red-Headed Junk-yard Jew.”


Friends, Romans, (Progressive Texans) & Others:

(Don’t some of Y’all hate to be classified as ‘Others’?

Smacks of Intellectual Racism to me, but that’s just me.)

Don’t you fain to disclaim?

Me no Alamo!

How does it feel?

How does it feel?

How the fuck does it feel?

To be on the long side of the short fence?

For Real?

Lend Me Your Beers!

(And yer FB password. Trust Me. I’m with the Government.)

Here is your (once again belated) Daily Lenny:

And Thanks for Listening, wherever you are.

Let The Buyer Beware

And now I am gonna step out on a limb and say this:

I am with my Brothers and Sisters in the Ukraine.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

(And I do not speak that flippantly; I mean it. The whole world is watching)

Oh, and thanks for listening (Did I say that already?)

Well hell! Appreciation can never be over-played (if it is sincere)

In this case, rest assur’d it is (“Hey Madge?! Did he mean ‘over-played’ or ‘sincere’? Can never get a ‘read’ on this schmuck.”)

Cheers to all.

And if you’d get a kick reading/hearing more about it, go here:


Simply because, “An uneducated proletariat is a danger to freedom.”

That is My Lance Quote; I just made it up. But, Goddamn it! I do believe it.

“Aw Shit! Lance dun gone Commie on us!. Git a rope!”

Not at all. Nope. Cool yer Heels Cowboy! Lance just knows something has gone horribly wrong…with His Texas, and more importantly, with His America. It used to be His America.

Now, it seems. It ain’t.

*End of Rant*

If you have come thus far…

Well; you are a Commie!

(Just kidding)

And of course…My National Anthem:

Just for Multi-Media Attention:

If You don’t want to stand in-line…well… REFORM

(If Y’all don’t catch my drift… well then:

I am writing with no ink in my virtual pen.

And the line forms to the right. 

Get in-line!

And have fun.

And y’all thought I was bull-shitting when I posted a previous Rant:

Wake Up Lance!

I was speaking To America.

My America.


I just recently completed a Mark Twain Marathon, by Ken Burns.

“Good for you, Lance Marcom; we are happy you are soooo.. much into (Our) American History…”

I wanted such a telegram, but, alas, there are no telegrams today.

So, it may seem I was born too late…

For such Liberty.

No matter.

WE, We, WE can forge our own liberty, in that same same spirit.

If we have the wherewithal.

Alas, I fear we have not.

We have the Constitution; we have The Law of Our Land; we have Our Precedent…

Alas, we have not the will

The Will, we lack . Today .

This was to be… a simple American Call to Arms.

Alas, I do not know if I am young enuff to muster:

My time has long since past.

I have not the passion to fight yet another war.

Lord knows (and that is a metaphor) I have NOT  the will, nor the strength to fight such a war, yet, I am there, in spirit. I would gladly die for MY Country: My long lost America.

Rebel? Most Certainly.

Rebellious against my country?


Therein lies that dilemma,

Not I! For I am too old, and this kind of business falls to younger men

BUT, when I see the masses, the masses, in squalor, I get pissed.

Really pissed.

When CEO’s in this country make ten thousand times more than the workers…

Well, it upsets me.

(any geographical or grammatical errors are surely mine. I do apologize)

These opinions are solely mine own.

Yet, I welcome our modern-day NSA to come knock on MY DOOR.

I certainly do.


I can finally be sated (for now)

And…I am gonna continue with this for some few weeks, until I give up…

But, Y’all know, when I get unto a ‘kick’ I hang on.

So…we shall see.

–Lance Out

Wow Lance! THAT was some long-winded RANT!


No Worries: Nobody Read it but The NSA of the USA.

There’s somethin’ happening Here…


15 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Judge Aaron Albamiser (sp) And This Has Turned Into a Rant. Sorry…

  1. Reblogged this on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics and commented:

    Y’all know I am insane. Yep. I got this… Anyhow, today I have been ‘ drilling down’ into my past posts. For some strange reason I like this one. I do hope you do too. Like it, that is. It is all about the attached videos…

  2. You’re welcome! I am writing my own rant and linking back to you. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    You were definitely my morning inspiration for today Lance! x

  3. Your rant hits so close to home. I know our country’s history is not pretty. The South, where I live, will be forever labeled as racists due to slavery, Jim Crow laws, and all that horrible garbage.

    Those same people will NEVER see teachers on the front line, holding young African American girls who’ve been raped because her mom worked second shift and they lived in a project, girls who beg you to take them home so they can be your daughter with tears streaming down their faces, young men so angry they throw their brains in the trashcan because they live in a ghetto and are raising themselves at the age of nine! Hungry! They don’t understand!

    My first two years of teaching were in an Urban school where our principal walked us to the car. What made me resign wasn’t the violence, it was the fact I wanted to adopt every child who needed love and care. Now, there were smart African American children who tried their best. They were shamed and bullied by others for acting too white. They were determined. I’m going to that graduation this year. My first year of teaching. I will be there if at all possible!

    It’s the same in “all white” rural schools too. Meth heads, laziness, and simple a “just don’t care” attitude about their children. You want to see how far our country has changed? Become a teacher. Have a child tell you their mother abandoned them, had their tat with their name removed and showed it to them at the tender age of 11. Hold these kids in the public school hallways while they cry their eyes out.

    Sorry, now I’m ranting on your rant! I may just copy and paste this into my blog for today.

    Lance, what can we do?! Our country is literally going to Hell in a handbasket. I love my country. I’d die for it. I’m just brokenhearted to see what’s going on. From a working class perspective. Not from a glass house perspective! I’m stereotyped and know it. Like I care honestly. The media doesn’t know me, my intentions, or my heart. Let the NSA read anything I have to say. Last time I checked, we still have some freedoms.

    I, too, support Ukraine by the way. Also, ignore all typos. I’m annoyed. lol

  4. I made a promise to anyone who would read here and comment here back in January. That promise went something like this:
    All comments are welcome and never would I delete ever a one, even, I suppose my own. This rule applies here. My comment was rude and obnoxious and I do apologize, but I must follow my own rule: I let it stand, no matter how ill-advised or however rude.

    That rule does not preclude an apology however, which I do hope you accept here and now.

  5. I am talking revolution…and your are talking about the greatest con in all of Madison Avenue? Oil and Water.
    Swine dropped in a bottle of Pearls? To see how slowly it may sink?
    Thank you, Teela for that.
    Appreciate your comments.

  6. It is contemporary, n’est-ce-pas?
    Thank You Good Friend Teela for the visit and for support of my ‘Daily Lenny’

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