Well… We Done Screwed The Pooch (UPDATED! May 9th: New Videos)

UPDATED! May 9th:  New Videos!


Might as well have some fun:

Texas – Style!

Best of Kinky Here

Bob Wills


Deep In The Heart of Texas


London Homesick Blues:

And just for fun:

Heeeer’s Molly, er Ann!


Okay, Now HERE’s MOLLY:



And Finally, To Close The Show: Give it up for Earnest!!


21 thoughts on “Well… We Done Screwed The Pooch (UPDATED! May 9th: New Videos)

  1. She really was a great Lady.
    Thank you so much for your visit and great comment.
    Now I’m gonna go look for that documentary.

  2. Ah, a fellow Texan I see. tips hat

    I just watched a 2 hour documentary on Ann Richards over the weekend. It was pretty damn interesting. And that say a lot cuz I don’t pay attention to politics. At all. She was a fascinating lady.

  3. Ya know if all I saw was your titles and nothing else, I’d know they were your blogs. 😉 Love your sense of adventure and fun!

  4. Yeah, there is that. Just try to keep a straight face when he starts in about how accommodating the headhunter women can be or he might harpoon your ass. 😀

  5. To git to the Daily Lenny; put yer mouse on auto – pilot and let it scroll, let it scroll. let it scroll…on down
    You will be happy.

  6. I just finished watching Ken Burns’ rendition of Mark Twain. Before that I had a seance with Sam Houston. Ernest Hemingway and Melvill sat in.
    Jim Morrison served cocktails…
    Twas a great night
    I am stoked.
    Rock On!
    And thanks for listening to my Daily Lenny (if ya did)
    An’ shit.
    (You know I am an ass, and also you know I admire your page)

  7. Only one of my exes lives in Texas but she’s enough to keep my heathen ass in Colorado where it belongs. 🙂 Ah do at least know enough to never say y’all when there’s only one person I’m speaking to, so that’s gotta count for something. Dunnit?

    Either way, it’s certainly true that in the lives of most men there comes a point when one must look back and say, “Ah well fuck, there ain’t no fixin’ that”, or that, or that, or that, and just get on with not fixin’ the rest of it. Surely, if this were not true, they’d stop making whiskey because at some point there’d be enough of it to make history right, and that ain’t happened yet.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

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