Daily Lenny: “People Don’t Stay”

I so wish he had stayed with us… just a little while longer.

This is shortly before Lenny did not stay.

Long, but worth it.

I miss Lenny and I never even knew him, but I do know him as I know Shakespeare. He left us his work.

 Lenny Bruce reads a newspaper from circa 1970






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8 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: “People Don’t Stay”

  1. The first time I watched this (I actually bought the DVD years ago) I thought, “This is shit; all he is doing is whining about his trials” but ya know what? The more I watch, (and I have watched it a lot) the more I love. And as I say in my posts, this is all we have of him in his post TV appearances days, so we have to run with it. Would that we had a video of his Carnegie Hall, or Jazz Workshop, or Ann’s 440 performances. THAT would be something!

    Hey! My Friend, thank you for stopping by and for your comments.

    Peace Out!

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