You Just Know It’s a Bad Sign When…

There are NO, None, Nada, Zero shopping carts available when you walk into Kroger’s.

But, since I am a ‘New’ Man, full of patience (and some remorse), I took a deep breath and decided that it is all good. I really did not need to be in a hurry. Hell! What a wonderful opportunity to ‘People Watch’

So I ‘patiently’ waited for a cart, then went on ‘bout my business, even exchanging smiles and conversation with some of my fellow Kroger-ites.

Then I went even further: I had a CONVERSATION with the Check-Out Lady (Whom I discovered was from Ukraine.) Could have talked to her for hours. What a wonderfully articulate Lady she was. (and pretty too) But, alas there were people behind me needing to check out as well…

Maybe next time.


11 thoughts on “You Just Know It’s a Bad Sign When…

  1. Haha!
    I’ll have you know that when I worked at SFM, they paid me lots of money to drive folks around. Of course there was that one unfortunate incident in the mine field…. and that time I ran into a jackass, and all those swing-out mirrors I lost…but overall no worries.

  2. Not sure what to make of that comment, Lance . . . other than remind me to never to be your passenger 😉 Love right back at ya ☮

  3. Groovy.
    “Now watch this!”
    (He said, as he handed his beer to his female passenger just before the ‘accident’)
    I love you.

  4. When I had my tropical fish store… we didn’t have carts but some of the low-lifes used to shoplift fish food. Fucking Fish Food! Can you imagine?
    We were poor. Those assholes took the fish food off my table. We had to eat baked potatoes as a main course.
    (But we were young, happy, in love, and…
    Here is the story, in case you have never seen it:

  5. We just got all new carts, including 2 doz kiddie carts (child sized) and a doz of those car-carts the kids ride in… we got them in March. We are now down to 12 kiddie carts and 7 car-carts….

  6. They have signs everywhere at Kroger’s which read (and I am paraphrasing here because my memory has left the building)

    “If You Attempt To Take OUR Shopping Carts Out of OUR Parking Lot, The Wheels Will Lock And We Will Be Forced to Take Your First Born”

    Someday, I am gonna test this. Mainly ’cause I don’t have a first born.

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