Daily Lenny: A Stunning Danish Seaman Type

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Here is your Daily Lenny (’tis a short one; wish I could find the whole bit)


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Lenny in jail

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11 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: A Stunning Danish Seaman Type

  1. As I said, I completely disagree with you, but I do love a good debate.
    Thanks for dropping by Russel. I appreciate your visits.

  2. Bruce had all sorts of legal troubles. He was convicted in Manhattan but died before his appeal was heard. Conviction never was stricken or overturned, but he was granted a posthumous gubernatorial pardon.

    Times change, as I’m well aware since I’m a gay man. Even the U.S. Supreme Court changes (see Romer v. Evans 1996 overturned by Lawrence v. Texas in 2003)……….. slavery…………civil rights……………women’s suffrage………

    Nonetheless, Bruce was crass and vulgar then and everything I’ve seen since 1973 indicates that he was quite happy and proud of it. Civil disobedience, I guess……….

  3. Well Russell my Friend (and I am proud to call you ‘friend’–I mean that–sincerely), we can agree to disagree on this.

    That said, most of my posts contain profanity, as you probably know. Profanity, when used properly, is just as pertinent as any other good form of communication. When used merely for ‘shock’ value, or maybe for ‘street cred,’ then it detracts from good discourse. And I am the first to admit this. But profanity is often how people express themselves or at least try to express themselves. Most of the profanity I employ is during dialog–my recounting of actual conversations I have had with people in my past.

    Lenny speaks very eloquently on the subject of ‘dirty words’ and obscenity. I am going to post his ‘bit’ on that and I hope you will listen. There are no ‘dirty words’ in that bit.

    I think you misunderstood me when I mentioned Carlin, Pryor et al.
    Of course I know Lenny pretty much pre-dated all of them and most students of standup comedy in the Fifties and Sixties will tell you that there would not, could not have been Carlins, Pryors if not for Lenny Bruce.

    His comedy was irreverent and he did use profanity, but no where near what we see/hear today. He actually rarely used profanity in his ‘bits.’ Take any five minutes of Pryor, or Murphy and you will hear more profanity than in Lenny’s entire career.

    HIs arrests were unconstitutional by the way. We have a First Amendment in this country. Lenny fought for that with his act(s).

    Thanks for all your visits, likes, and comments.

  4. P.S. I was pretty sure that the height of Bruce’s career predated Carlin, Pryor, and Williams, and Wikipedia bears that out.

    Bruce died in 1966. He had been arrested for obscenity in 1964.

    Carlin was arrested with Bruce in 1964 but not for obscenity, for failure to identify himself. Carlin got started in 1959 with Jack Burns.

    Williams got started in 1972.

    Pryor got started in 1963.

    I didn’t see any of them live until I was at Texas A&M University. OPAS brought in big-name performers the Friday night before home football games. Saw anyone and everyone during those four years. Thus I can’t speak to their live performances, only their television and recorded performances, all of which appeared family friendly.

    My granddad was the most vulgar person you could possibly imagine in his language. You would think that I’d be used to it after having listened to him every day for eight years. Nope. All it did was convince me that, as my high school senior English teacher (Mrs. Edith Head, but not THAT Edith Head), said, “Vulgar people haven’t learned the beauty of the English language.”

    You might have noticed that I did not like your posts with vulgarity in them although I have discovered that with speed reading, the occasional vulgarity slips by. I still come by to read your posts and like those that I like.

  5. Hey, Lance. I don’t like Carlin, Pryor, or Williams either. In concert they are crass and vulgar. Not much better than Madonna in her prime……….LOL

    Best comedians I ever saw in person were Bob Hope and Bill Cosby. Not a single foul word or gesture came out of their mouths in their two-hour shows. Family friendly, and I don’t even have a family!

  6. Russel, My Friend,
    Your comments about Lenny Bruce are perhaps the most illiterate, stupid, arrogant, uneducated, I have ever read.
    Lenny did not invent ‘vulgar’.
    If you ever even bother to ‘listen’ to Lenny, you may discover, he did not use ‘toilet humor’: he used wit. If you define ‘vulgar’ as obscenity…. or freedom of speech…. listen to Carlin, or Richard Pryor… or Robin Williams….
    He did not invent ‘toilet humor’ — he mocked it.
    Please define that one.
    “Whoopie Goldberg as ‘Lenny in drag?”
    As if!
    That, my friend, is the most stupid thing I have ever read.
    Even from the Christian Right.
    Now, from you: Yes, I was so disappointed. I thought you smarter.

  7. I liked your post without listening to Lenny Bruce. Never much care for him. I think he was the first to introduce vulgarity into his live comedy, and comedy has been all downhill since then.

    I remember back in the ’80s when I went to see Whoopi Goldberg because she was so funny on television. I’m sure what I was was Lenny Bruce re-incarnated, but in drag. So disappointed.

  8. Uh…yeah, but I wish I could figger out a way to capture the whole bit with C.E. Hoxey. It is priceless.

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