“I dreamt a dream tonight” –Queen Mab, or What You Will, Will

“I dreamt a dream tonight.”

“And so did I.”

“Well, what was yours?”

“That dreamer’s often lie.”

“…In bed asleep while they do dream things true!”

“Oh! Then I see Queen Mab hath been with you!”

–R&J: Romeo and Mercutio,

Queen Mab:

Ya’ll gotta watch the video “or it all just falls apart” Just saying… (Yes! I feign Texan; it is my wont.)

After a night of hard blogging and writing of drafts, and becoming somewhat disillusioned and more than daft, I perished toward my bed, reaching out for the Arms of Morpheus.

Within moments, I slipped into that nether sleep, that sleep between sleeps, that semi-conscious state of affairs. Sleep, but Not Sleep.

Then I began to dream things that should have been true. But were not true, yet so true.

Wonderful words words words! Words to sate my unnourished prose.

Words swirl’d about in my mind like so many fireflies on a summer’s eve:

““Words, words, words!. Once, I had the gift. I could make love out of words as a potter makes cups of clay. Love that overthrows empires. Love that binds two hearts together, come hellfire & brimstone.”

— “Will Shakespeare in Love”

I had it (them, those) words… goin’ on. Brilliant words. Beautiful, poignant words! All right there! Right there In My Mind. I reached out my finger to tap the “Publish” Mouse.

My finger was frozen.

It would not move.

How hard I did try!

It would not comply!

I lay there in my nether sleep, commanding.

The hand, the one digit, just the finger! Demanding!

Just move the damn finger!

Would not.

Could not.

Then I realized:

I am with Dante now.

12 thoughts on ““I dreamt a dream tonight” –Queen Mab, or What You Will, Will

  1. It is quite refreshing when folks ‘get it’.
    I do thank you for your wonderfully generous comment.

    Next time I have a dream (I had a Dream Tonight!) I am gonna wake up straight-away and write it down, ‘ere it all goes ‘bye-bye’

    Thank you very much for reading and understanding.
    Dante Alighieri Wanna-Be.
    I appreciate your time.

  2. You cannot sleep on Lance!! You are throwing some serious shit my friend, love this trippy roll through Morpheus arms into Dante’s inferno, you sir have skillz…

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words. Means a lot to have such positive feedback.
    Yeah, Daddy (Texans always call their fathers ‘Daddy’) was something else.

  4. Yes, it was very frustrating. I had an entire viral post bouncing around in my brain, but then it was gone. Whoosh!
    Thanks for reading what little of it I managed to resurrect.

  5. Oh my godfathers, Lance, this post was terrific. I could eat this sort of thing up all day long. Well done, you.
    And I’d give my left lung to see that trick of your dad’s. Bet it was a real hoot.

  6. My Father used to do this bit, (I cannot do it justice), but he would have some long lead in, and then say “and here is a book written by a nice Italian boy” He would open an old book and flames (real flames) would shoot out. I always loved that bit.

    Thanks Mark for coming by.

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