Daily Lenny: Father Flotski’s Triumph

Hi Gang!

Thought I would post The Daily Lenny early today, so I could focus on…

Anyhow. I give you Father Flotski, one of Lenny’s Best Bits, where you may hear some of the range of his wonderful talent at mimicry.

lenny San Frisco

Thank you for listening.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Father Flotski’s Triumph

  1. Lenny makes me happy.
    I am glad you concur (at least I hope you do)
    Cheers, Beers, and Happiness,
    And Thank You So Very Much for Your Visit to My Humble Blog.

  2. Holy shit, Kiki….that was some stellar voice work, hilarious lines.

  3. Marie A. said that waaayyy back in the day. (Paris, Texas?)
    As I recall, she lost her head over it.
    Go with vodka.
    It goes down better.
    😉 😉

  4. Now…you do realize… that if you praise Lenny…in some Third-World Countries, this means we are married?
    Thank You!
    “Now, I’d like some of that cake!”
    (You do realize I am joking, eh?)
    Not gonna git marred again.

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