Jury Duty, Texas Style: Jury Still Out

Just a quick note for anyone waiting avec ‘baited breath’ (stole that from a comment) on the outcome…

The jury is still out, and I have decided (since this morning in fact) that today I am gonna expend my energies catching up with all the folks who I follow and who follow me. I do this because I enjoy it and I am certainly all about self-enjoyment (and it means I don’t have to write!).


I want to read and comment as much as I can from / on my fellow bloggers, because y’all have some really good shit to say and post, and I am tired of denying myself this enjoyment due to my vain fantasy. (See? There is that selfish hint in me there) But it’s all good.

Hope y’all understand.

Tomorrow, you may read more about the trials and tribulations of my Jury Duty.

Peace and Beers and Cheers,

Your Humble Servant In Blogging,



6 thoughts on “Jury Duty, Texas Style: Jury Still Out

  1. And… I am ‘blessed’ with too many.
    (I cannot believe I said ‘bless’d’)
    Must be slipping…
    Thank You Teela.
    For ‘blessing’ me with your visit and your comment.
    And I do mean that.
    (And you know I do)

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