Mr. Beau-jangles

Jerry Jeff is that guy I wanna meet.

Here is my original comment:

From your wonderful narrative, Beau reminds me of the Chow mix I once had. His name was Tizzy, and that name suited him well. I have one post so far about him and an unfortunate ‘accident’ he had at the top of my stairs late one night.
Glad to see there are still many Texans out there who can appreciate J.J. Walker. He has always been a favorite of mine. Once just as I was getting out of the Navy and escaping from California I signed up for Jerry Jeff’s fan club and newsletter. I had also signed up for several other ‘Bigger Stars” in the C&W genre. Mainly because I was missing Texas so badly. I received responses from all, and all but one wanted money. From Jerry Jeff’s I received a subscription to his newsletter and a hearty ‘Thanks for your support.” I was impressed, so without hesitation I mailed a check for twenty dollars to help defray the costs of the newsletter. About a week later my check was returned to me with a note that read. “Thank you for the money, but your appreciation of the music is payment enough.”
Now that, is Class.

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