This is Directed Toward All My Minority Friends Out There in Radio Land

And No: I am not talking ‘race’ here.

Hell! I don’t even own a Ferrari.

I am talking booze. Talking to the Juicers out there.

Here is my query:

Do you often (more often than not) catch yourself scratching notes?

Dear God

I mean, you have a great idea for a post, but are too inebriated to write it, and too afraid to sleep on it, lest you forget it: Lose it?

So… ya just ‘make a note’.

No matter that you won’t be able to read the note the next day sober, as it only makes sense when you are drunk–now therein lies that ‘Catch-22’, but at least you made the effort.



Talk to me Peeps!

(I really do not wanna be alone with this one.)




Yes, I am a Socialist, Humanist, and All-Around Nice-Guy. i.e.,

I won’t let my dog shit on your driveway.

And Hey!

Thanks for stopping by.

We do hope you have enjoyed your time here.

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19 thoughts on “This is Directed Toward All My Minority Friends Out There in Radio Land

  1. Guilty: Me.
    Thank you very much for your visit and comment and sorry for the tardy response on my part.

  2. I need to do it more often. Just very early this morning…I had yet another wonderful dream of posting. This time though it was different: I had the words in my head and in my sleep I said, “Lance! You will remember this one. It is just too real”
    Guess what?
    When I woke up, there were bits and pieces of it, but the more I awakened, the more it just slipped away, as if into a fog.
    Imagine my chagrin.
    I was so pissed, because it was really good stuff. (And I was sober!)
    Dern it!

    This is the only time you will ever hear / read me say “Dern it”
    Just sayin’

  3. Every once in awhile I do this, whether I am drunk or not, got cryptic notes on little bits of paper everywhere 😉 (OK, maybe I do it more than every once in a while LOL!)

  4. Actually… now that I think on it, may be a good thing you don’t. Might be something, once seen, cannot be unseen.
    I can only imagine.

  5. “A clay nativity in a gallery window, every figure of which was shaped like a vagina.”

    Laughing my ass off!
    Do you have a photo of this???
    Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning.

  6. I have a bedside table FULL of notes that are similar to the one above, but maybe not quite as polished in prose. Ugh. Why do all the best ideas come when our brains are dysfunctional? Sadly the key for interpretation is in another dimension as well.
    I feel your pain, Lance. 😛

  7. I never do that. I just sit my drunk ass down and start typing. Seems kinda like overstating the obvious now that I think about it.

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