Y’all Know…

I read something recently on one of my favorite blogs:


“Hard to believe, but apparently this is my 100th post. 100 times I have hit “Publish” and felt that “oh my gosh… they’re going to think I’m a total weirdy” sort of feeling. 100 times I have hit “Publish” and then immediately seen a typo and been like “No, wait, go back! Flux capacitor, back!”

Now, Y’all know I have fawned over Aussa’s site before. (And of course, as long as I have breath in my body, I will continue to do so, ’cause she is just that good.)

But, Y’all know: this ain’t my point this eve.

My point is, I think I have posted more than Two Hunnerd Fifty Posts since end-of-january.

No Brag; Just Fact.

And of course, most were mere bullshit.

In studying Aussa’s site, I am beginning to realize…  You really do not have to post sumthin’ ever’day to keep readers.

You just have to ensure what you post is worth reading.

Boils down to one (two) paralyzed fact(s):

“Post Quality, not Quantity”

Or, if you will: “Don’t Shit Where You Eat.”

i.e., “Post Quality Lance! Do it! Do it for the Children!”

Okay: That may have been ‘three’

Take Yer pick.

Thank You Aussa.

P.S. That was not near enough approaching the piercing eloquence I wanted to convey, but ‘Twill serve–I hope.


15 thoughts on “Y’all Know…

  1. Hi Aussa,

    And I do thank you for coming to “My House.”
    And so sorry for the tardy response.

    It is obvious (and obviously not just to me) that lots of quality work and time goes into your posts. I do admire you (think I have said this before)


    I need to study your style. That said, we all have our own unique ‘style’ don’t we?
    rambling here

    Thanks so much for your visit. Your time is appreciated.
    You rock!

  2. Aw, thank you 🙂 And I vote for posting whenever and however you feel like it! I definitely don’t think I could post more than 3 times a week… that’s about the max I can handle. I tend to be fairly regimented in trying to meet a certain range of word count, find graphics, and keep to a pattern so by the time I’ve put the effort into thinking about it…. 3 is enough 😉

  3. Reading is the flashlight that lead us out of the caves of religion. The spooky “out there” and the “unknown” were dramatically overplayed.

    Reading illuminates the dark path to freedom. What was once dark and mysterious is light and shown for what it is. Nothing.

    Glad we chat.

  4. Hard to fear the imaginary. Just as I am not afraid of the Boogie Man I am not afraid of the gods. I grew up. I wish most would. Shake the immaturity right off.

  5. I fear not, Islam, I fear not Christ! I fear not anything.
    I am a fuckng enigma.
    Now, I will shut up, but not from fear; but from..because, I can sleep at night.
    Knowing, I have morals.
    In solace.

  6. So many atheists have said it better than I could ever. I am tempted to repeat what they have said so I don’t.

    I don’t know.

    Maybe that’s ok too.

    We shall see.

    At least we aren’t alone…

  7. Ya know… it’s funny. I feel I need to write more about Atheism. Yet, I am not an ‘atheist’ site. All know me now. (Well my friends do –I mean my Blogger Friends). Sometimes I get the feeling they put up with my Atheists rants, because they are making allowances for me. (because I am so ‘lovable’ Hahahaha)

    Other times, I just wonder if some are thinking, “Hey! I can save his soul.”

    Your site is great! Even Atheists don’t have to talk/write about atheism all the time. (Yes, I know: we get bombarded with shit which seems so stupid to us, but… the very last thing I wanna be accused of, is being an ‘evangelical atheist’.) I really don’t give a shit what Theists believe; I just do not wanna hear about it…at my front door, in my Government, in my kid’s schools, at the Supermarket, at the gym…et cetera.
    Hope this makes sense.

  8. I totally understand. I thought it was about quantity. It isn’t. It’s about quality.

    This alone makes me want to be a better writer. I try to write often. Daily, well, that’s hard to do but I try. I think about writing. I think about pushing the “publish” button. But I don’t.

    The Daily Prompts used to be me tool of choice to get me going. People argue with me when I fail to “write” about atheism. I get it. It is an “Atheist Blog”. I remind them that it is “MY” Atheist Blog. That works for a good 10 to 11 posts. Then it starts all over again.


    I am considering a Weekly series. Something fictional. Maybe one short, short, short story a week. Lofty. I know. I will try. I will fail. But at least I will try.

    I promise to have an Atheist slant somehow. If not, what’s the point, right?

    Oh yeah.


    “A writer writes.” – Billy Crystal’s character in Throw Momma From the Train

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