Music on Mondays—I wanna be 16 so I can get me a hot rod

If you are slightly down, listen to these songs. You will recover.
Thanks to Russel!
Great Stuff may be discovered on his page.
I encourage y’all to check it out.

Russel Ray Photos

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

When I went to the Cat House on the Kings fundraiser on May 3, Jim and I stayed at a hotel in Visalia on Friday night. Early Saturday morning I went for a walk and found a beautiful 1961 Dodge Polara at the end of the hotel parking lot:

1961 Dodge Polara

The Dodge Polara was introduced in 1960 as Dodge’s top-of-the-line, full size car. I will have more about this specific car in an upcoming post because its history is unique.

For today’s Music on Mondays, though, I thought we would enjoy songs about cars. After all, I do live in Southern California where people have an insane love affair with the automobile. Personally, I prefer the trains….

Since there are so many songs about cars, especially from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, we’ll stick with the 1950s today and save the others for future Music on Mondays posts. All of…

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