Fuk”Put Your Money On The Table And Drive It Off The Lot”


Just to kick this off, Please watch to this bit to get y’all in the mood:

Here is a ‘novel’ approach (Well not really for me)

However maybe for Y’all:

This is a ‘work-in-progress’. Most writers polish, polish, polish, then anguish, anguish, anguish, and then… finally… publish. I subscribe to a slightly different philosophy tenet philosophy: “Just throw it out there and fix it later.” Probably not wise, but what the hell?

Anyway. Yup. This is a ‘work in progress’ (process?) and yes, I do have (buried somewhere in the dank, dark, dank, deep, nether depths of my addled mind) a purpose for this post. And yes, I hope to coax  lure hoist it up to the surface and board  beach land it, still flopping about, right here on this page.

Might be entertaining (or not) to watch the process. And in this vain vein, I am going to keep all the edits here, just as an experiment. A way to look into the my writing/editing process. (“Now damnit, I do hope I can come up with a valid subject to go along with this ‘wonderful’ prose.”)

To (obviously) be continued…Please don’t change touch that dial!

(And, as usual: nothing works if you don’t click the video/sound bite below)



Moody Blues?

Dare I say?



Boz Scaggs

Just kids havin’ fun

(We are entitled to fun, eh?)

“Who put those idea’s  ideas in your head?”


“The Pursuit of Happiness”

(I read that somewhere)

“Come on back down to Earth Son!”

P.S. Yes my mind is a terrible thing. And if you have not clicked all the audio, you will lose Karma. Just sayin’…

Here was my mantra during those six months I spent languishing away in Amman Jordan between Iraq gigs:

9 thoughts on “Fuk”Put Your Money On The Table And Drive It Off The Lot”

  1. Great thing about me is that I looked older when I was young and look younger now that I’m old LOL! Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

  2. I had the best fake ID ever! I was hitting the bars in Commerce (Texas) when I was thirteen. Too awesome! (well…perhaps I shoulda waited a few years….NOT!)

    And thanks for your early morning visit and comments. Great way to start my day.

  3. OMG…I loved Lowdown when I was in high school! Reminds me of trying to get into bars with a fake driver’s license! haha

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